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Mark Levinson N0. 336 Dual mono Power Amp

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Superb Mark Levinson No.336 dual mono (stereo) power amp

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Mark Levinson Nº300-series Dual Monaural Power Amplifier. The design includes several design features which are responsible for its outstanding performance. In particular the No. 336 Dual Monaural power amplifier defies the accepted wisdom that it is impossible to design a large, powerful amplifier that also has all of the finesse of the finest smaller amplifiers. A few of the technical highlights that make this possible are given below. Massive Power Supply Each Mark Levinson 300-series amplifier includes two large, completely independent power supplies—one for each channel. Each supply includes a high capacity, low noise toroidal transformer, and two large, low ESR capacitors in each channel. Since these are true, dual monaural designs, each channel has its own dedicated power supply. Specifically, the amplifiers use: Nº336: two 2450 VA transformers four 50,000 µF capacitors. Heavy oxygen-free copper bus bars enhance the efficiency of power distribution within the amplifier and eliminate variances introduced by the wiring harnesses, etc. more commonly found even in high performance amplifiers. High frequency power supply bypass is accomplished on individual PC boards by five components of several film types. The resulting uniformly low power supply impedance seen by the various circuits within the amplifier lays the foundation for both the massive power and the extraordinary finesse that characterizes the 300-series. Balanced design A truly balanced input topology eliminates the need for an input buffer amplification stage and allows the first stage differential amplifier to be driven directly by the source. Matched impedances are presented to the source and both signals travel through identical circuit paths.

Brand: Mark Levinson

Model Name/Number: No. 336 Dual mono (stereo) Power Amp

Price (RRP): £9500

Choice Hifi Price: £3490

Product Information:

Nº336 Rated power output:
350 w/ch continuous rms power @ 8Ω
700 w/ch continuous rms power @ 4Ω
1400 w/ch continuous rms power @ 2Ω

Frequency response: within 0.1 dB from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
■ Signal to Noise ratio (main outputs): better than –80 dB (ref. 1 w)
■ Input impedance: 100kΩ (balanced)
50kΩ (single-ended)
■ Voltage gain: 26.8 dB
■ Input sensitivity (2.83V output): 130 mV (all models)
■ Input sensitivity (full output): 2.419V for Nº336
2.044V for Nº335
1.445V for Nº334
■ Power consumption (Nº336): 350W (±5%) at idle, 200W (±5%) in standby

Nº336 Shipping weight: 150 lbs. (68.2kg) each

■ Connector complement: four custom binding posts per channel
one 3-pin XLR balanced input connector per channel
one RCA input connector per channel
two 1⁄8″ mini-jacks for remote turn-on
two Mark Levinson communications ports
two PHAST® communications ports
one captive high current AC mains cord (Nº336 only), or
one IEC-standard high current AC receptacle (Nº335, Nº334)

■ Output impedance: less than 0.05Ω from 20–20,000 Hz
■ Damping factor: greater than 800, 20–20,000 Hz @ 8Ω

Age: 16 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: 3rd Party

Status: Second Hand

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