Estelon X Series loudspeakers are a rich blend of exquisitely balanced audio perfection and pure aesthetic design. The distinctive and unique handcrafted shape of the E-lon cabinet adds a sculptural high art element to any room, looking as perfectly formed as the sound they produce.

Hallmark design

Estelon integrates Alfred Vassilkov’s 30 years of engineering and speaker design experience into an unique exceptional set of signature products. The distinctive E-lon shape, uniquely developed materials and time-honored construction techniques give Estelon the pure sound and unique visual aesthetics it is known for today. Five years of development before the launch of the first series culminated in a special casting process, a patented marble based composite and the shape of the speaker that works in syngery with the cutting-edge technology it hosts. These were the starting points of Estelon’s relentless pursuit of pure acoustics.

Relentless pursuit for quality

The components used in Estelon speakers were all chosen through hundreds of extensive listening tests. Thousands of engineering hours were spent fine tuning the smallest of the details, which eventually produced the greatest impacts to the final harmony of the sound.

The room in front of the listener transforms as the first sounds are being heard – the sonic ambience builds an acoustic stage to rebuild a pure detailed listening experience on par with being in the same room with the musicians performing the masterpieces. Estelon’s paint a beautiful musical landscape that impacts the audience emotionally upon each listening experience.

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