Tellurium Q are the first cables designed primarily to combat Phase Distortion.

"Frankly? These are the best speaker cables I've ever heard." Hifi World March 2012

"..excellent value, with construction quality and superlative sound." Hifi World Sep 2011

“...a remarkably deft and lucid midband in all the variants...Blue can transform the sound of even the most humble system, while Ultra Black is remarkable in any system.” Hifi+ Cable of the Year 2010

Tellurium Q is the first range of cables specifically engineered to avoid phase-distortion. To achieve this goal, this made-in-England cable has received attention to every parameter, both electrical and mechanical.
Conductor material, construction, doping and geometry; dielectric properties and vibrational damping - these along with perfectly balanced inductance, capacitance and resistance result in a cable range with unique virtues.
By avoiding the time-smear and colourations that are caused by phase distortion, the nuances, dynamics and rhythmic insight of the performance are preserved.

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Tellurium Q cables simply reveal the music.