Weiss Engineering has a formidable reputation in professional audio. Their equipment is used in many of the world's most famous mastering studios.
No matter what genre of music you listen to, chances are your record was mastered using Weiss hardware.

In 2000, Weiss entered the high end hi-fi market. With their expertise in the design of top quality audio equipment for the most discerning professional clientele—the mastering engineers—it seemed like a logical step to design equipment for the demanding audiophile.

All Weiss products are informed by Daniel’s profound understanding of audio electronics in both analogue and digital domains. Time and time again, they have set new industry references, not only in terms of raw measured performance but also in terms of subjective audio quality.

We have always been great fans of Weiss equipment—in both professional and home audio spheres. Daniel and his team share our passion for great music and the thrill of reproducing the sense of “live” performance. With their amazing sound quality, impeccable engineering and rock solid, pro-audio reliability, we are very proud to offer Weiss Engineering as part of our portfolio.

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