The Crimson Mission Statement

"The reality of the building does not consist of the roof and walls, but of the space within." - Frank Lloyd Wright.

Truth, not Character.

That's our motto. We design products for people who love listening to music, not collecting equipment. Everything we make is designed to have no sonic character of its own but simply to vanish from the replay chain. Our goal is for the music you hear in your home to be as faithful as possible to the music as it was recorded.

If you expect your hi-fi system to "sound like something", then Crimson may not be your cup of tea. We don't soften anything to create a more palatable sound. We're not concerned with adding a "rosy glow" or a "bloom" or whatever you want to call it to the sound, because we don't think that's reality. Yes, there are many companies purveying that kind of sound, but it's not what we believe in. This obsession with sound effects and the flowery prose that has evolved to describe them is not what Crimson is about.

First and last, we love music. We think that the great recordings are most exciting when they're delivered as recorded, without being tempered to make them more pleasant to listen to. We don't design Crimson products to behave like other audio equipment; we design them to convey the sound of real musical instruments.

Many Crimson owners first come to us on "a quest" of sorts, simultaneously fascinated and frustrated with the audio equipment industry. Wondering if they'd "lost the plot." Fascinated because great-sounding music in one's home is a fantastic thing. Frustrated because of the emphasis on equipment over music. "This box has this sound" and "that box has that sound" and our favourite: "this box works best with that box".

So we like to remind people that we don't think home audio should be about sitting around on a Saturday night comparing boxes or cables or what-have-you. It should be about getting the music right enabling you to hear more and more of the musical detail in your recordings, every time you listen. Enjoy!

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