Allnic T2000 25th Anniversary

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Lovely valve integrated amplifier.

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The T-2000 stereo integrated amplifier is one of Allnic Audio’s two KT120 stereo integrated amplifier models. Like all Allnic Audio products, the T-2000 has Permalloy (iron and nickel alloy) for its transformer cores. Allnic is grateful to Mr. G.W. Elmen of Western Electric for inventing Permalloy for transformer core use. The T-2000 delivers 70 watts/channel in a push-pull, triode/pentode switchable mode. Remote controlled 41 steps silver contact attenuator. The T-2000 employs an in-house made 41 step, silver contact quality attenuator, instead of a commonly used carbon film potentiometer. The attenuator provides complete channel balance and minimum distortion. The T-2000 uses only two stages of driving circuit to achieve +35dB of voltage gain (three or four stages are common in many conventional integrated amplifiers). This results in much lower coloration and increased speed in signal/sound reproduction. The D3a is used in triode mode as the second stage driver tube, with a load of about 5 kohms, and using 20mA of current.

Allnic’s “Full Engagement” transformers boast four independent, secondary windings which are always fully connected, never “idled”. This means that all secondary windings are always connected to your loudspeakers, regardless of which output switch position you use (4 ohms, 8 ohms or 16 ohms, depending on the factory configuration you have selected). Thus, the transformer output efficiency is unparalleled.

Allnic uses very large output transformers (96 mm) with nickel, mixed with FeSi, cores. This provides for higher inductance with fewer windings than more conventional designs and achieves an extremely wide range of output frequencies. The T-2000 has soft start circuitry that, after sufficient warm-up only, provides the high voltage supply to the plate of each tube. This (protective) design results in prolonged tube life and fewer and less frequent issues with tube performance. In order to provide constant current (bias) monitoring for the power tubes, Allnic uses a separate analogue current meter for each tube. The meters make it easy to see the status of each tube at any time and to respond immediately to any variation in bias, adjustable via the bias control knob for the relevant tube. Switching between triode and pentode operation can be done “on-the-fly” at any time while the amplifier is in use.

Brand: Allnic

Model Name/Number: T2000

Price (RRP): £8500

Choice Hifi Price: £4450

Product Information:

T-2000 specifications: Output Power: 70w + 70w (8 Ω load, at 1KHz); distortion is 0.2% at 1KHz, 2.83V; frequency response is from 20Hz – 20KHz flat; S/N Ratio is -80dB (CCIR, 1KHz); damping factor is 7 at 8 ohm load at 1KHz; voltage gain is +35dB; input impedance is 10K ohm (single-ended, unbalanced); input sensitivity is 400mV for rated power. Tubes: KT120 X 4 (power triode) D3a X 4 (2nd stage driver tube – no equivalent) 6485 X 4 (1st stage driver: similar to 6AH6, 6AH6WA, 6AH6S, CV2521). Fuses: AC Mains – 3A / 250V (110W) (two supplied – one is a spare). Tubes – 0.5A, 250V, 20mm glass type

Age: 3 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Silver

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Accessories? Yes

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Status: Second Hand

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