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Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8-shotgun- 3m pair

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3-m Shotgun termination pair of Speaker Cables

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The Analysis Plus hollow oval design uses the conductor more efficiently. Our cables maintain a low resistance to an extent where others’ cables are not capable. This causes a difference between the measured signal at the amp and at the speaker terminals. This principle is used throughout the Analysis Plus product line, and is the reason why our hollow oval cables look and sound better than any competitor’s products.

Brand: Analysis Plus

Model Name/Number: Solo Crystal Oval 8-shotgun

Price (RRP): £2200

Choice Hifi Price: £990

Product Information:

Solo Crystal Oval 8 consists of four 11 gauge continuous cast copper (solo crystal copper) conductors used in our proprietary braided hollow oval geometry.

It is available as internal bi-wire or shotgun (two wires per connector) configuration. When the two wires are combined in the shotgun mode, it is equivalent to an 8 gauge conductor.

Age: 8

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: See picture

Packaging? No

Accessories? N/A

Length: 3m- Shotgun pair

Termination: 2-Spade at Amp to 4-Banana at Speaker

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm