Audio Acoustics Sapphire Ti-C SE

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If you are brave enough to open the floodgates on your ancillaries then audition the Saphire Ti-C for a gut instinct correctness, that separate live foot tapping musical instruments played from point source from, however great, other hi-fi.

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Sapphire Ti-C Speaker

World’s first production Six-layer treble-membrane enclosure.

World’s first production “Resonance controlled” loudspeaker system with acknowledged attention to an “Active cabinet” and “ALL” system components.

Worlds First Unique “Double Float” mounted resonance Sapphire tweeter.

Worlds first production “Single Float” mounted Sapphire diaphragm bass / midrange with unique titanium voice coil.

Words first ‘Resonance Base’ silver wired -‘nine nines’ wiring.


The Audio Acoustics Sapphire Ti-C Speaker is the second in a family of speakers that not so much challenges other speakers, it just makes them obsolete. Bold words for a very bold statement in Loudspeaker Design.

Forget what you thought or think you know about loudspeakers-The Sapphire Ti-C Speaker is a next-generation loudspeaker designed by Audio Acoustics for the present.

The Sapphire Ti-C Speaker removes the transducer from the equation. Leaving the minute and miniscule changes at finite level’s to be heard, never adding or removing data in its role.

Brand: Audio Acoustics

Model Name/Number: Sapphire Ti-C

Price (RRP): £140000

Choice Hifi Price: £55000

Product Information:

Frequency Response:



Drive Units:


High Frequency:

Amplifier computability:

Nominal Power Handling:

Standard finishes:

Size (wxhxd):

Weight: Per System Pair:

 19Hz – 33KHz (+/-3dB)

89.5 db

4 Ohms (nominal)

2x133cm sapphire ceramic; titanium voice coil

30mm High Resolution Wide dispersion Ferro fluid Sapphire Ceramic Concave

well suited to amps 30W or more


Advanced Specialist 16 coat Gel Suspension FinishTM Carbon Black, Titanium Metallic a, Krystal Metallic a, Miracle Maroon <more details>

290 x 1226 x 390mm

200 kg / 440 lb. Total 2 Crate pallet skidded.

Age: 22 months

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Satin Flat Lustre Grey/Mauve

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm