B.M.C. Audio BDCD2 CD Player


A CD transport with a belt drive is a truly uncommon concept.

The highest grade analog record players share both a belt drive and high inertia. And not without reason, for this is the only way to create a turntable with perfectly smooth rotation and tranquility. A patented belt drive with high inertia, in the form of an acrylic-stabilizer, applies this principle to B.M.C.’s BDCD2 CD Belt Drive Player/Transport.


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Belt Drive is More Than Just a Belt

Belt drive decouples the motor vibration from the CD

The CD turns on a precision bearing, analogous to a turntable bearing

A CD stabilizer removes vibrations and resonances from the CD

Due to the high inertia of the stabilizer any rotation is quiet and smooth.

Quiet operation of the servo circuit instead of multiple small and harsh speed changes (judder) prevents high frequency jitter from happening.

The mechanical integrity of the BDCD1.1’s music-optimized, belt-driven flywheel drive is reflected throughout the BDCD1.1 design.

Superlink, our uncompromising digital connection, employs four separate BNC cables to transmit data to the B.M.C. DAC. This works out to one cable per clock and one for the digital audio signal, with the master clock very close to the digital/analog conversion.

The result: A natural sounding musical player.

An optional, and built-in, Digital/Analog Converter Module stands out due to the extremely short and distortionless Current Injection and Load-Effect Free analog circuitry — and contributes further to the music’s impression of effortlessly unfolding.

The result: Music no longer sounds digital, but warm, open and powerful, as if it were from a superior analog sound source.


Brand: B.M.C. Audio GmbH

Model Name/Number: BDCD 2

Price (RRP): £4490

Product Information:

BDCD2 Belt Drive CD Player £4490
BD2 Belt Drive Transport only £3990
XLR & RCA Analogue Outputs
4 Digital outputs- SPDIF, AES/EBU 110 Ohm, coaxial 75 Ohm and optical Toslink)
+ Superlink Output.

Case Only (H x W x D) 435 x 78 x 320 mm
Including knobs, feet, connectors and Stabiliser (H x W x D) 435 x 99 x 350 mm
Weight 9Kg

Condition: --

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

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