Chord Company Sarum Super Aray

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New unused pair of this highly rated cable. Cancelled order.

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The Sarum Super ARAY RCA cable (like all the other Sarum Super ARAY cables) takes all that made the Sarum Tuned ARAY cables so special and seemingly removes yet another layer of noise, revealing a startling new level of musical detail.

All the detail there is means nothing if it’s not delivered coherently. This is where Sarum Super ARAY really makes its mark, it delivers coherence and that makes all the extra detail not just easy to hear but easy to listen to as well. It adds dramatically to the sense of performance and with an ease and naturalness that makes listening to music a pleasure for hours on end. It’s a stay up late cable!

The new Sarum Super ARAY RCA cable is fitted with a new PTFE plug surround. Like the acrylic plug surround fitted to the Sarum Tuned ARAY, the new PTFE version has been precision machined by a specialist company in the UK. We’ve used PTFE for many years and the benefits of switching from the acrylic surround to the PTFE plug surround are extremely easy to hear.

The ultimate performance of any audio cable is always the sum of the parts and this is where the new PTFE plug surround comes in. The Sarum Super ARAY uses the same conductors and cable as the previous Sarum. The changes are the improved Super ARAY technology and the new PTFE plug surround. The new Super ARAY technology is a really profound upgrade to performance in every way and goes a long way towards turning a hi-fi system into something that delivers a real musical experience.

Brand: Chord Company (The)

Model Name/Number: Sarum Super Aray

Price (RRP): £1900

Choice Hifi Price: £1290

Age: 2 months

Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

Length: 1m pair

Termination: RCA/RCA

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm