Denafrips Terminator Plus DAC

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The TERMINATOR-PLUS Digital Processing Board and R-2R ladder network arrays are completely isolated. The two boards are physically linked by the OCXO module. The physical isolation yields even lowered noise-floor and achieved higher signal to noise ratio.


“The BEST clocks are the clocks inside the DAC”.

The TERMINATOR-PLUS is equipped with dual OCXO operating at 45.1584Mhz, 49.152Mhz – 1024x of based sampling rate of 44.1kHz and 48kHz. Encapsulated in a metal casing, located at the center of the DAC, these OCXO are specially designed for high-end audio applications with ultra-low phase-noise and ultra-accuracy. The dual OCXO are powered by the complete redesigned power supply circuitry (encapsulated, shielded, underneath the main boards), supplying constant current to the OCXO. The adequate power reserves ensure linearity and stability of the OCXO.


The DENAFRIPS approach to address the jitters issue by the FIFO BUFFER RECLOCKING. The adaptive FIFO buffer store the digital audio data in the memory. These data are read from the memory using the ultra-low phase noise, ultra-accuracy OCXO, located right in the DAC.

The data bits are converted to analogue signal by the true balanced R-2R ladder network arrays. The linearity of the conversion is guaranteed by the high-precision thin film resistors, with low thermal effect temperature coefficient of the low 10/15ppm.

Brand: Denafrips

Model Name/Number: Terminator Plus DAC

Price (RRP): £6990

Choice Hifi Price: £4990

Product Information:

Denafrips Terminator Plus.  18 months old, owned by me from new, in mint condition apart from a few tiny pin-pricks in the aluminium underside

Description Parameters
R-2R DAC Proprietary R2R + DSD Architecture
True balanced 26BIT  R2R +  6BIT DSD (32 steps FIR Filters)
Matched Precision Thin Film 0.005% R-2R Network Arrays
Highlight Encapsulated Ultra Low Noise Power Supply
High-end Oven Controlled Crystals OCXO
Total isolation of Digital and R-2R Boards
Adaptive FIFO Buffer and Reclocking
DSD1024, PCM1536 Supports On USB & I²S Input
Proprietary USB Audio Solution via STM32F446 Advanced AMR Based MCU
Licensed Thesycon USB Driver For Windows Platform
Driverless On Mac & Linux
Dual AES/EBU Input Supports
Sharp/Slow Filters Option
I²S Pinout Configuration
I²S DSD Channel Swap Configuration
DSD DSD64 (DoP) on Coax/AES/Opt Input
DSD1024* On USB & I²S Input Only
PCM 24bits / 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192KHz On All Input
1536kHz* On USB & I²S Input
NOTE* USB Firmware V3.4.1 – PCM1536 / DSD1024 supports disabled for compatibility with macOS
Digital Input Coax via RCA
TOSLink x 1
AES/EBU x 2 (Dual AES/EBU L/R Channel Input Supported)
USB2.0 Type B
I²S via RJ45 LVDS
Analog Output RCA at 2.2Vrms, 625 Ω
XLR at 4.4Vrms, 1250 Ω
Sampling Mode Non-Oversampling NOS
Oversampling OS
AC Power Requirement 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz (Worldwide Voltage)
Power Consumption ≤20W
Frequency Response 20-40KHz -0.2dB
THD+N 0.0010%
S/N Ratio 127dB
Dynamic Range >132dB
Stereo Crosstalk -110dB
Dimension 430 x 380 x 105 mm
Weight 19 Kg
Color Silver / Black
Warranty 36 Months


Age: 18 months

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm