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Get an obvious leap in performance of your existing groundbox. 3 Available.

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Simply replace the wood caps on your existing ground-box with either the Everest product.

Brand: Entreq

Model Name/Number: Everest

Price (RRP): £240

Choice Hifi Price: £145

Product Information:

A massive breakthrough in the metal/mineral mix, used within the Ground boxes yielded enormous potential benefits to Ground Box performance.
This in turn led to a delicate dilema.
The convenient solution for Entreq would be to release a totally new line of Ground boxes, easy for them but not particularly fair to existing customers who have already invested money in their products. So just like Hasselblad they accepted the challenge to find a solution where all the benefits from the new discoveries could be incorporated & applied to all existing Ground boxes and work, without limits, with their wide range of Eartha cables.

The challenge was to find a retrofitable solution that worked equally from the entry level Minimus/Tellus all the way to the Olympus Tellus. Working without compromise with the entry level Eartha Cupper cables as well as with Eartha Atlantis. The solution also had to be easy to handle and easy to attach.

Finally… the result K2 and Everest were born.

Simply replace the wood caps on your existing ground-box with either the K2 or Everest product.

K2 uses two different metals whilst Everest uses a mix of four.

By adding this metalmix trough the bindingpost you enhance the performance of the whole box, not only on the used outlet.

The following are examples of the effective performance enhancements available to both old and new customers:

MinimUs: Single Ground post only – The replacement of a K2 or Everest to a Minimus will then allow it to, at least, out perform a standard Silver Minimus!

Tellus: Three Ground posts – As above the replacement of the K2 or Everest on a Tellus will offer a performance level higher than a Silver Tellus.

Silver Tellus: Again the K2 or Everest applied to a Silver Tellus will start to approach the performance of the mighty OlympUs!

Everest then applied to OlympUs Tellus and ……well you get the picture!

On ground boxes with multiple outlets you can of course change over each Ground post one at a time as and when funds allow OR of course all at once! You simply match the K2 or Everest to ensure optimal performance.
Attach K2 or Everest and you will get a obvious leap in performance of your existing groundbox.

Age: 1 Year

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Wood

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

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Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm