Heed Audio Zene MC Cartridge

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1hr use. The Zene (music in Hungarian) is hand built to Heed Audio’s specifications by Benz Micro of Switzerland. Featuring the newest Fritz-Geiger-S-Type stylus and solid Boron cantilever. Developed to match most MC phonostages-it offers high end performance at a sensible price.

£700.00 £450.00

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Designed and hand-crafted to our own exacting specifications by BENZ in Switzerland, the ZENE is a highly sophisticated low-output moving-coil cartridge with performance well beyond its price category. It is equipped with the newest Fritz-Geiger-S-type stylus, precision bonded to a 5.5mm solid boron cantilever. It also includes the improved pole piece featuring a machined insert for the O-ring damper, resulting in greater mechanical linearity in its suspension. Trackability is truly excellent, even with a rather lowish optimum tracking force of 1.7 mN. A “real world” output voltage of 0.4 mV and an internal impedance of 12 ohm make the ZENE universally suitable for most MC phono stages. By the way, ‘zene’ simply means ‘music’ in Hungarian….

Brand: Heed Audio

Model Name/Number: Zene MC Cartridge

Price (RRP): £700

Choice Hifi Price: £450

Product Information:

Stylus:FG-S (Nude line-contact)

Stylus tip radius: 6×40 μm

VTA:20 degrees

Cantilever:Solid Boron,

Coil:0.28mm Pure Iron Cross

Internal Impedance:12ohms

Output Voltage:0.4 mV

Frequency response:20-20,000 Hz

Channel balance:Better than 0.5dB

Channel Separation:Better than 35db at 1kHz

Tracking force:1.5-2 grams (opt. 1.7 grams)

Recommended loading:>100 ohms (opt. 470 ohms)

Weight:8.8 grams




Age: 2

Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm