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Melco N1Z H (MKI)

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Melco N1Z H60 with 6TB HDD storage.
Audio grade HDD – special algorithms ensure no impact on audio data.
Dual power supplies isolating internal and external communications.
Dual Ethernet Ports – DSM direct to Player Connection and LAN USB connection to external DAC.


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We are proud to present Melco and its N1 series of products – the worlds first true Audiophile grade source component to access, store and deliver High-Res digital music without any of the compromises of computers and their peripherals. At any stage. this is Pure and Simple; even set-up is really easy. The Melco N1 is both a music store and UPnP server for Ethernet connected streaming solutions, a Direct Music download engine and is also an extraordinary source for a USB dac. Sound quality is unsurpassed! We are not suggesting you have been listening to The Beatle, Brahm or Taylor Slow before, but with the Melco nothing is missing, because there is nothing to take it away. There is even no need for a PC in order to setup or manage this system and not a single intervening switch or ‘IT’ component to come between you and your music.

Until now the only way of distributing, storing and listening to even the highest resolution digital music has, at some stage, involved computers or computer-like devices – equipment designed to handle far more than music, so it has never been solely dedicated to sonic excellence. Even when players have been designed by “Audio Specialists”, old thinking and “IT” connectivity has impaired audio performance.

Brand: Melco

Model Name/Number: N1Z H

Price (RRP): £3500

Choice Hifi Price: £2450

Product Information:

Model: N1Z H60 (silver) N1Z H60BK (black)
Network Connectivity: LAN Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
Player /DSM Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T)
USB Connectivity: Backup USB 3.0 Rear Panel
Expansion USB 3.0 Rear Panel
USB 3.0 (DAC port) USB 3.0 Rear Panel
USB Power (5V for Router) USB Rear Panel
Ground Terminal: Screw Terminal – System Ground
Power Supply: Multi voltage 117V – 230V Nominal
3 wire IEC with ground
30W PSU for LAN related devices
30W PSU for HDD & USB Related devices
2 x Buffalo Capacitor Bank
Internal System regulators
Music Storage: 2 x Audio Grade HDD 3GB
Configure as Spanned (6TB) or RAID
Local USB – DAC Player Control: UPnP Control Point Type 0 or Type 1 supported
Size: 350 x 65 x 370 mm (13.82 x 2.6 x 14.6 inches)
Weight: 7kg (15.5lb)

Condition: New

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black or Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: X-Demo

Dimensions 5708473 cm