Symphonic Line RG10 mk4 Reference HD Master Integrated Amp

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Music power at 3 ohms 300 W, phase stability in all positions.

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All products can be combined with each other and harmonize visually and sonically. Frequently, Symphonic Line products are the ideal supplement to third-party systems. B. the pre and final stages particularly appreciated in the encouragement of other speakers.

To the company philosophy the modification belongs to the newest state with older devices – for a very fair price. Grow instead of give away. Environmental protection and responsibility not only for the ears. With the music solve the everyday stress, because the “know how” is right!

The expansion and improvement of the product range is constantly being worked on. I never run a fashion – be it sonic or technical! Result: Timeless products of world class in every class! 30 years experience. For you: There is instead of “sound” vivid and natural reproduction. Sounds literally touchable.

The only thing that moves me: How much can I “bring over” from a live experience on all levels in my living room, so that it “grabs” me! The body must be “tangible”, the sound surrounded by “air”. Close your eyes – look into the depth of the recording room.

Dynamics are self-evident.

And then I do not want to hear anything more about the technology!

Brand: Symphonic Line

Model Name/Number: RG10 Reference HD Master

Price (RRP): £10990

Choice Hifi Price: £7990

Product Information:

SL RG10 Mk4 Ref HD Master + Ext PSU

  • The new standard in sound for integrated amps with phono MM/MC, separate MASTER MODULE with 280,000 pF and rectification. Playing really great on a new level. Three-dimensional.
  • Headphone input as standard.
  • Music power at 3 Ohm 300 W, phase stability in all positions.

A unique product in the world of music lovers. Symphonic Line is distinguished by style, naturalness, exclusivity. Behind this picture is Rolf Gemein, a man who has dedicated his whole life to quality sound. His passion being present in every product of the company he leads. The results of the principle that a hi-fi product must transmit emotion, pleasure, joy to live, the creations that can be called Symphonic Line offers an overwhelming audio experience, a natural and a realism close to perfection, while benefiting from a quality of manufacture that recalls the most expensive jewellery.
Symphonic Line produces the music with all its artefacts, which are then finalised and optimised to become true collection pieces, their exceptional sound and recognised reliability transforming them into objects that do not lose their value over time.

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm