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TriPlanar VII/UII Tone-Arm

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Mint condition TriPlanar VII/UII Tone Arm

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Sound “There is a unique kind of atmosphere to the Tri-Planar’s sound, an engrossing view of the music that nudges performers closer to a lifelike physical presence…. The Tri-Planar is a musical extrovert, not for what it demands from you while you listen, but rather for what it does — its wholly natural way of unifying the entirety of the performance.” “The Tri-Planar Mk VII UII is about integration of the music’s elements, not parsing of the whole into constituent parts…. It conveys strong outlines and presence in an unwavering fashion that absolutely anchors everything in space.”



Features “The Tri-Planar is essentially two complex subassemblies joined together: the armtube and headshell, and everything behind it, including the gimbal, VTA tower, damping trough and cueing device. The two halves are connected by a machined-aluminum yoke that doubles as part of the azimuth-adjustment hardware.”



Use “The Tri-Planar’s counterweights are not fixed, so there are seemingly myriad combinations and placement options for them — that is, unless you talk to Tri Mai, who will tell you that the largest counterweight, the one with the beveled front edge, should always be placed as far forward and toward the pivot as possible. Any subsequent weights can be placed farther back, creating a gap between them if necessary. Final adjustment is made with the threaded weight at the very end of the tonearm.”



Value The Tri-Planar Mk VII UII “made a very strong case for spending more money on your tonearm than on your cartridge.”



Brand: TriPlanar

Model Name/Number: VII/UII

Price (RRP): £5500

Choice Hifi Price: £2490

Product Information:

Product Information:

The arm creates a musical sound stage unmatched by any other. It has been described as powerful and dynamic, solid yet expressive, delicate and tactile. The outstanding quality of this arm, commented on time and again, is that it is invisible, lacking the colorations that plague so many of our competitors.


• Black or silver finish
• Damped headshell
• Annealed-aluminum coaxial damped armtube
• Clamping yoke design that firmly couples the headshell tube to the bearing tube, making for a single unit yet allowing azimuth rotation of the headshell
• Silicone-fluid trough tonearm damping
• Bearings featuring hand-crafted, hardened and polished needle cones
• Progressive anti-skating design
• Sophisticated system of decoupled counterweights, allowing proper stylus force for any cartridge without altering effective mass
• Easy 3-screw installation, with no large VTA hole


Type: gimbal-bearing tonearm
Effective length: 250mm
Pivot-to-spindle distance: 233.5mm
Overhang: 16.5mm
Offset angle: 22°
Effective mass: 11g
Bearing offset: 22°

Age: 9 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Black/Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

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Status: Second Hand

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