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VERMEER AUDIO was born in Lyon, France. Our company was founded by a team of passionate people whose objective is to design «state of the art» devices that will find their place in any high-end hi-fi system. Our engineering team has more than 20 years of experience in the manufacture of high end converters (DACs).
We have designed an integrated DAC/Network player with an astonishing design, outstanding innovative technology and unmatched analog musical performances.
Our Vermeer Audio devices are fully assembled by hand in France. Our subcontractors have been selected among the best performing European companies.
In the pure handcraft’s tradition, each Vermeer Audio model is a unique piece assembled by hand, by one single engineer. To own a Vermeer Audio device is for all music lovers to discover the unique experience of live music through an equipment designed without any compromise.

Brand: Vermeer Audio

Model Name/Number: Model 2, Model Three D

Price (RRP): ££13995 (from)

Product Information:


Since the creation of Vermeer Audio and the Model TWO, we have satisfied our music-loving and audiophile clients that had for many years been seeking a versatile unit capable of converting digital music files of all types, as well as from analogue sources, with the greatest possible fidelity and naturalness.

The Model TWO is a practically unique unit in its category, which offers in a single package all the advantages of a cutting-edge DAC, a network player, and a digital and analogue preamplifier.

We wanted to capitalize on this experience by responding to numerous requests from our clients and distributors that wanted our know-how to be duplicated in a more accessible unit offering more basic functions compared to our flagship model.

The entire Vermeer Audio team is therefore proud to present its new integrated DAC, the Model THREE D.

Main specifications

               Digital inputs :

    • 1 Spdif/RCA (PCM 192 Khz/ DSD 64)
    • 1 Spdif/Toslink (PCM 96 Khz)
    • 1 AES/EBU (PCM 192 Khz/ DSD 64)
    • 1 USB (PCM 384 Khz/DSD 64 & 128)
    • 1 I2S via HDMI (PCM 384 Khz)
  • Network player module:
    • Network input via UPnP-compatible RJ45 connector ( PCM 384 Khz/DSD uncompressed stream 64/128/256 )


    Headphones output: 

    • Dedicated amplifier for headphones output, minimum impedance 8 Ohms, recommended 16 Ohms, max.5,6 V RMS


    Analog outputs: 

    • RCA stereo output, max. 2,8 VRMS
    • XLR stereo output, max. 5 VRMS
  • RRP £13995

Vermeer Audio TWO

Universal Control Center

Complete with stunning design and audiophile sonic performance Model TWO is an extraordinary integrated pre-amplifier / digital analog converter .
Model TWO is a compelling combination of stunning beauty “a la française”, cutting-edge patented technology and exquisite three dimensional sounds.

RRP £24990


Condition: New

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm