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Violectric V281 & V850

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With optional upgrade remote volume control & includes 2 pairs of Violectric XLR Interconnects.

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“The Violectric brand and product line addresses the hi-fi and high-end audio markets and the special requirements of those customers. Our target customer is a pragmatist interested in experiencing genuinely effective, technologically advanced solutions implemented in a way that’s guided by the highest quality standards. This approach is also reflected in the simple yet elegant external design of our Violectric product range.”



Brand: Violectric

Model Name/Number: V281 & V850

Price (RRP): £3500

Choice Hifi Price: £1990

Product Information:

The HPA V281 is designed to deliver the ultimate in transmission quality on low, medium and high impedance headphones. Its optimized for dynamic headphones, variable, low-distortion and low-noise circuit technology, the HPA V281 meets the highest requirements.

The four amplifiers in the HPA V281 are elaborately constructed with 8 transistors per channel and correspond to those of the multiple test winner HPA V200! They provide an incomparably open and relaxed sound that can also be enjoyed with balanced headphones. Furthermore, the HPA V281 offers the convenience of push-button activatable inputs and output management.


Violectric V281 Specs

In-/Output 2 / 2 channel (sym. XLR)
2 / 2 channel (unsym. RCA)
Headphone Outputs 1 (sym., XLR 4-Pol), 2
Frequence response 5 Hz – 70 kHz (-0,5 dB)
Sensitivity +6 dBu
Input impedance 10 kOhm
Output impedance < 0,01 Ohm (unsym.)
Max Input Level +21 dBu
Max Output Level 2700 mW (600 Ohm)
5600 dBu (100 Ohm)
4200 mW (50 Ohm)
2800 mW (32 Ohm)
1500 mW (16 Ohm)
Noise ratio(SNR) > 129 dB (A-gew.)
THD+N (@ -1 dBFs) < -102 dB (0,00079%)
Crosstalk -105 dB
Extras Optional digital input and remote control available
Power supply 230 V / 115 V AC
Casing desktop
Dimensions 170 x 112 x 320 mm (WxHxD)
Colour Silver
Mass 4,60 kg

Violectric V850

The successor to Violectric’s versatile V800 DAC, the new V850 retains the same German build quality while adding a host of internal improvements. From the analog circuitry and power supply, to the clock generation and remote connectivity, the V850 improves upon nearly every aspect of its predecessor to deliver ultra-detailed digital-to-audio conversion. The two most notable changes are the refined resampling unit and the new 32-bit, delta-sigma double-mono converters, each of which plays a crucial role in turning digital signals into precisely articulated audio. With a dynamic range of 120 decibels and THD of -122 decibels, the V850 reproduces sound with impressive accuracy and low noise. Summing it up, Headfonia founder Lieven says the V850 has a “more than correct price” in a “presentation that’s not hard to like.

Here’s the V850’s full list of features:

– 4 digital inputs switchable:
– transformer balanced via XLR (AES 3/11), 24/192
– coaxial via Cinch (S/P-DIF, AES-3id), 24/192
– optical via TOS Link, 24/192
– USB input, X-mos based, 24/192
– coaxial digital output including digital volume control
– resampling/upsampling with selectable modes: x1, x2, x4 and “BEST”
– Low jitter clock (< 1pS) with low noise supply
– LED displays for active input, Lock, Mute/Error, resampling status
– Double-mono architecture with 2 D/A converters per channel
– 32 Bit delta-sigma DACs with outstanding 120 dB dynamic range and -112 dB THD
– perfect analog output stages to not affect the maximum dynamic and minimum THD-N
– Analog output level adjustable in the digital domain with 32 bit accuracy
– Optional remote control for motorized volume control, input selection, resampling action
– Additionally the max. analog level is internally adjustable in 5 steps
– Analog signal treating including phase-reverse and sharp/soft filter roll-off
– Analog outputs electronically balanced via XLR and unbalanced via Cinch
– oversized toroidal transformer
– extensive internal power conditioning with low-ESR capacitors

Age: 2 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black

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