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Vitus RS 101

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Great value power amplifier from Vitus Audio.

£11,800.00 £6,500.00

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The technical ingenuity of our engineers made it possible to take the ‘musical engine’ of the RI-100 to a whole new level. Excellent craftsmanship and leading innovation enable it to capture the drama of a full-scale orchestra and translate it into a lifelike performance. Goosebumps. With advanced technology like an enhanced output stage and power supply, the RS-100 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier assures a future proof investment into music. No compromise. Its life long performance stands for the unique dedication of Vitus Audio as a manufacturer. Experience the musician’s finesse and the delicacy of each instrument with the intelligent Class A bias.

Expressivity, emotion, finesses. Three words that best describe the essence of the RS- 100 Reference Stereo Power Amplifier.’

Brand: Vitus Audio

Model Name/Number: RS101

Price (RRP): £11800

Choice Hifi Price: £6500

Product Information:

Upgraded by Vitus from  RS100 to full RS101

1 x unbalanced (RCA)
1 x balanced (XLR)

1 x set balanced speaker out

Output Power: 300wpc (rms) Class AB (8 ohm) 840W
Remote Controlled: NA
Other Options: Subwoofer crossover and features – if specified at order.
Dimensions: 180H x 435W x 430D mm
Weight: 42Kg

Age: 6

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black/Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm