Crimson Electronics 640 E3 Monoblocks

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The Crimson 640E 3 is the latest and last evolution of this stunning state of the art Crimson power amplifier.

“Getting Closer to Live Music” has always been the ethos and this takes these amps one step closer.
With a very robust 175 watts into 8ohms and 390 into 4ohms, the 640E is capable of driving virtually any loudspeaker.


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The CS640E-III Mono Power Amplifier features twin toroidal power transformers as well as dual bridge rectifiers in the power supply section, whilst the power amplifier module utilizes dual complimentary pairs of high current bipolar output devices. The CS640s have a signal input and output to allow daisy-chaining for passive bi or tri-amping.


The key to the 640E is not so much a technical feat, but a feat in that is has taken a substantial step into getting closer to the music you hold dear.

Brand: Crimson Electronics

Model Name/Number: 640 E3 Monoblocks

Price (RRP): £3400

Product Information:

  • Operation: Mono, Solid State, Class B
  • Dimensions (mm): height: 110, width: 90, depth: 360
  • Signal Input: One Single-Ended RCA Phono Socket per channel
  • Signal Output: One Single-Ended RCA Phono Socket per channel
  • Speaker Outputs: 4mm Banana Sockets, two pairs per channel
  • Input Impedance at 1kHz: 20kΩ
  • Rated Output Power: 175 watts/channel @ 8Ω, 250 watts/channel @ 4Ω
  • Output Impedance @ 1kHz: 0.1Ω
  • Rated Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.01%

Condition: New

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

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Dimensions 5708473 cm