Atlas Mavros (2-2) 3m Speaker Cable (S/S)

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Atlas Mavros Transpose 2-2 Speaker Cables (Terminated Pairs) are the latest version of Mavros – quite simply the brand’s most highly developed copper cables that are the perfect partner for audiophile-level, high-performance audio systems.

The cable is defined by its exquisite attention to detail that allows it to seamlessly blend into your system so that all you can hear is the enhanced sound of your hi-fi setup.

Innovative Construction

Mavros utilises super pure OCC Ohno Continuous Casting copper conductors. The OCC process is named after professor Atsumi Ohno who developed one extended, ultra pure metal crystal at 99.9997%.

These monocrystal conductors are placed in a multi-stranded layout, encased in individual Teflon insulators, and are then braided to help reduce electromagnetic interference. The four conductors are then protected in cotton, a layer of paper, and is then wrapped in PVC and an outer black cotton sleeve.

Brand: Atlas

Model Name/Number: Mavros (2-2)

Price (RRP): £2779

Choice Hifi Price: £1390

Product Information:

Tech Specs

– Construction: Multi-core LF/MF
– Core: Solid core HF (1.5mm)
– Material: OCC
– Dielectric: Microporous PTFE (Teflon)
– Screen: none
– Capacitance: 111.14 pF/m
– Inductance: 0.3412 µH/m
– Resistance: 0.0035 Ohm/m
– VOP: 0.77
– Outside Diameter: 10.22mm

Age: 3 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

Length: 3m pair

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm