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Rare opportunity to own these stunning and unique loudspeakers
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£75,000.00 £49,990.00

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We are a small family run business started in rural Wales UK 40 years ago by Fred Davies, who has been designing and manufacturing concrete horn speakers his whole life. We have made many things from built-in audio room radiators to the pedal powered PA at Glastonbury. We have been kept busy on our work with moulds and castings and have made many OEM products for hi-fi, PA and other fields. Fred’s background in construction, design and years of experience in casting techniques with cement and plastics, along with our craft and skill with largely hand-made products has given us the opportunity to develop a revolutionary loudspeaker.
We first introduced a free-standing AXJET in 1992. In the last ten years we have developed the new AXJET and the recent AX SUPERJET to the point where they are performing in the audiophile domain of pure sonic reproduction whilst having PA levels of power, making them incredibly versatile. Our aspirations to achieve a near perfect point-source, single driver, compound horn speaker are now vindicated after many years of toil!
AXJET speakers are incredibly efficient compound horns. A single full-range AER driver from Stuttgart powers both the rear bass horn and the top/mid horns in the silver “afterburner”.

AXJETS use variable density PU foams and GRC encased in GRP to give stiffness and appropriate densities to allow the full-range AER driver to reproduce audio signals with very low inter-modulation distortion and remarkable transient response.

With no cross-over and OFC Atlas cables inside and out plus solid copper connectors, the load for the amplifier is easy and the AXJET can reach high SPLs even with a 3W triode amplifier.

Brand: Axjet

Model Name/Number: AX Superjet

Price (RRP): £75000

Choice Hifi Price: £49990

Product Information:


Drive unit:                 AER BD4B(AX)

Power:                       Nominal 50W …… actual requirement 10-20W

SPL:                           Better than 106dB/W/m

Impedance:               16ohm

Frequency range:     45Hz to 25kHz

Connections:            Internally: Atlas Ascent 3.5 OCC etc

                                   Externally: Mundorf M-Connect Evo gold-plated pure copper 

Supplied with:          5m x Atlas Ascent 3.5 OCC speaker cable terminated with Atlas gold-plated 4mm                                             AtlasTranspose connectors with expanding plug and spade connectors.

Construction:           Glass reinforced cement (GRC) in fibreglass (GRP) shell with PU foams. Marine grade                                     316 stainless steel backplate, castor spigots, bushes and fixings throughout.
Spun aluminium “afterburner” with machined polycarbonate annular centre.

                                   Shepherd chrome ball-castors.

Finish:                       Aerospace super-gloss ceramic lacquer in any RAL colour

Weight:                      65kg

Depth:                        710mm

Width:                        930mm

Height:                      1320mm

Position:                    Not critical, indoor or outdoor, just maintain line of sight to centre of “afterburner”.

Shipping weight:      125kg in pro flight-case, which packs down for storage.

Flight-case depth:    780mm

Flight-case width:    1000mm

Fight-case height:    1500mm

RRP:                          75,000 pounds sterling plus shipping and taxes. (Free delivery and install in UK and

                                   near Europe.)

Age: NEW

Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: RAL 4001 Red Lilac

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm