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Horning Loudspeakers Eufrodite mk 4

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Horning Eufrodite full range floor standing loudspeaker.

Indian Apple finish. These are version with Lowther DX55 and silver spec.

£12,000.00 £3,990.00

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For two decades Horning loudspeakers have successfully evolved to exceed the ever increasing expectations of the most discerning music lovers. The Horning Eufrodite full range loudspeaker is the pinnacle of that objective. The Eufrodite is both sophisticated yet surprisingly simple, it is the manifestation of a deep appreciation of music translated through an ambitious approach to acoustics into a desirably sensitive and efficient loudspeaker.

The Horning Eufrodite is a powerful, full-range loudspeaker which can shock listeners with the sheer realism and crystal clarity of its delivery. The thrill of hearing music’s dynamic contrasts, its vibrant tonality

Brand: Horning Loudspeakers

Model Name/Number: Eufrodite MK4

Price (RRP): £12000

Choice Hifi Price: £3990

Product Information:

Technical Specifications

frequency response: plus minus 3 db
impedance: 4 ohm flat , very easy load
power: 30 watt/60 watt music
efficiency: 98 db one watt
tweeter: 6 db pr octave with 12 kHz
wideband/midrange: acoustically 200 Hz and 12 kHz6 to 12 db pr octave
bas/sub bas: acoustical under 200 Hz 6 dbSA”>>pr octave
wiring: Horning reference cable: soft annealed ultra pure 99.999% copper wire. 300 individually isolated 0.1mm strand.

Age: 5-6

Condition: 8/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Indian Apple-wood

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

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Status: Second Hand

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