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Decades of unequaled audio engineering equal superior results. Boulder has always delivered class leading sound quality wrapped in refined designs. Welcome to the 800 Series.

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For more than thirty-five years Boulder has been designing and building high quality audio components in Boulder, Colorado.

With an unrivalled reputation for sound quality and construction, Boulder electronics are cherished by audiophiles all over the world. Every single component must define its category and push the limits of what is possible in audio engineering, regardless of price point.

All Boulder products are made for the reproduction of music exactly as it was performed and recorded. Boulder electronics are transparent, accurate, fast, rugged and reliable, with minimal distortion and noise, and absolutely no colouration or “sound” of their own.

Reliability is a cornerstone and in this age of throwaway electronics, virtually every Boulder component ever shipped is still in use; indeed, most remain in the hands of their original owners.

We have always loved the Boulder products, but ever since we met Jeff Nelson and his team we have recognised soulmates in our journey: an entire company where everyone we talked to shared the same obsessive dedication to achieving audio perfection.

Brand: Boulder Amplifiers

Model Name/Number: 800 Series

Product Information:

500 Series

508 Phono Preamplifier – £6,700

The 508 Phono Preamplifier is the perfect example of real efficiency combined with the utmost in simplicity. Pure analogue phono amplification, that’s really all that is needed. As the smallest Boulder in more than two decades, the 508 packs an enormous amount of performance in a single, small chassis. The elegant chassis is carved from a single block of aluminium. The performance level is stunning. Music is presented with incredible resolution and impact, it really punches above its weight.

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508 phono stage front in silver

““The Boulder 508 is an easy phono stage to recommend. It boasts clarity, low noise and consistency across MM and MC that makes it a hugely enjoyable listen.”

— Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product Award

““It’s undoubtedly the most neutral phono stage I’ve ever used, and its cleanly rendered coherence, fine expression of dynamics, and convincing rhythm and timing …

I say put the Boulder 508 at the very top of your audition list.”

— SoundStage! HiFi

800 Series

866 Integrated Amplifier – from £16,000


The 866 Integrated follows up on one of the most successful amplifiers in Boulder’s history, the 865, improving on the original in every way. Power is up to 200W per channel. Manufacturing is substantially more efficient. Weight has been reduced. New circuitry gives you greater current output at maximum power. External IP control has been added. And a dedicated Boulder app easily enables you to manage everything. If your system is made up of traditional components that still satisfy, the all-analogue version is exactly what you need.

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Analogue & Digital

Modern technology is defined by flexibility. Here, you will find all the capabilities of the more traditional analogue version and much more besides. Much music delivery is now taking
place via network storage and Internet connections, while at the same time there are more traditionally connected sources than ever before. Because of this, the 866 features a full array of
available digital inputs that allow every type of connection, from satellite receivers to USB memory sticks to wireless subscription streaming and everything in between, to sound their
absolute best. Throughout the entire digital process, the data is up-and-oversampled to maximise the data rate to the DAC chips and reduce distortion to the lowest possible levels. Even further, Boulder has equipped the 866 to be a Roon® endpoint.

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““This is an amplifier you will keep… and enjoy!… for the rest of your life.”

— What Hi-Fi?

812 DAC Preamplifier – £10,500

The 812 is Boulder’s first headphone amp, and they didn’t hold back. It has a separate sophisticated headphone amplifier circuit, four types of connections, and headphone sensitivity settings within the Boulder Controller app. With 200mw into 8 ohms and 80mw into 600 ohms, the amplifier section in the 812 will drive any headphones or multiple headphones at once. It is a headphone enthusiast’s dream come true.

The 812 can be used just as a preamp, a DAC, a headphone amp or any combination of the three. With all the features and its versatility, the 812 is perhaps the highest value product Boulder has ever produced.

It has multiple streaming capabilities, Roon endpoint, NPnP playback, Airplay functionality and Bluetooth.

The 812 has exceptional functionality with multiple inputs.

Back; 2 XLR analogue, 4  USB host, ethernet, USB-B, 2 optical and 2 coaxial(RCA,SPDIF)

Front: 4 pin XLR, ¼” headphone, 3.5mm headphone and Pentacon headphone connector.

boulder 812 dac silver  front view

boulder 812 front view with 4 headphone sockets

812 showing front inputs

boulder rear view 5 digital inputs 4 usb and xlr outputs


1108 Phono Preamplifier – £22,500

The 1108 Phono Preamplifier has a lot to live up to as Boulder has created some of the most sought after and revered phono preamplifiers in the history of the audio industry. It does so with aplomb. The soundstage is vast and deep while every image is tightly focused. Your records are played back with the delicacy or impact and speed or warmth the artists created. It never inserts any coloration of its own. It’s the perfect window to the original performance.

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1110 Preamplifier – £25,500

The 1110 Stereo Preamplifier has a solid balanced feel with Boulder’s own analog volume control descended from the 3010 Preamplifier, for superior clarity and noise elimination. Exotic design? Definitely! with a unique front panel design that displays the topographical map of Flagstaff Mountain, located near Boulder, Colorado. But there’s more to it than that. Advanced
technology and verifiable sound quality are just as – if not more – important. There is an available IP control connection for simple use connection to home automation systems and each input can be configured for Theatre Mode when integrated into home cinema systems. Technology in the service of art appeals to both our minds and our hearts.

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““I had very high expectations for this new launch of the 1100 series and frankly my expectations were exceeded. When a manufacturer builds to such a high-quality level that it takes over a decade to surpass their previous versions that says volumes about what an audio consumer can expect when the gear gets home.

Boulder Amplifiers’ ability to manufacture everything in their factory provides the highest level of quality control.”

— Hi-Fi+

1161 Stereo Power Amplifier – £25,500

The 1161 Stereo Power Amplifier is physically the smallest amplifier in the 1100 Series and comes in at 150W per channel, half the power output of the larger 1160.  It is also fully-balanced and includes the equivalent circuitry and functional features of its larger siblings. The chassis is cut from solid slabs of metal, there are a host of external control options, all types of active protection are in place, and power is substantial and conservatively rated.

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““I have no reservation saying the Boulder 1161 is one of the best values in high-end audio today … For a change, the product exceeds the manufacturers claim.”

— TONEAudio

1160 Stereo Amplifier – £33,999

The 1160 Stereo Power Amplifier is truly remarkable. Let us present to you the Boulder 1160 Stereo Power Amplifier, recognised by media and editors the world over with more than eleven awards for exceptional ability. Awe-inspiring and modern, yet staying true to Boulder’s long-standing guiding principle: maximum performance. Every circuit has been refined and every mechanical detail has been optimised. A phenomenal 300 watts of output power can drive any reasonable loudspeaker to a realistic level.

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““I’ve reviewed a number of power amps in the past – some with higher power ratings – that could not provide the same lifelike musical dynamics or control speakers as well in the deepest bass.”

— The Absolute Sound


2108 Phono Preamplifier – £71,500

The Boulder 2108 is a next-generation phono preamplifier built upon the fundamentals of the past while making meaningful strides forward in technology and design. Fully-balanced circuitry rejects noise and keeps the delicate signal from a phono cartridge in balanced mode, maintaining balanced operation throughout and eliminating noise that would otherwise obscure critical musical information. Dynamics are quick and powerful. Bass is taut and solid. Images are distinct. Silence is just that.

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2110 Preamplifier – £89,500

The Boulder 2110 is one of their most iconic offerings. It is easily recognisable worldwide, the highest performing, most continuously-produced preamplifier ever made by Boulder. Inside there are numerous technological advancements and precision electronics. Outside, the contemporary and luxurious look is highlighted by a wrap-around mirror-glass display window and hand-polished stainless steel controls. It employs a discrete and modern version of the 990 gain stage used in broadcast and recording studios worldwide.

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2110 Front.jpg

2110 Rear (1).jpg

““In short, what you get is an unburstable, unflappable, and unfussy amplifier duo that would be conditionally stable even if you were using it to jump-start a battleship.”

— Alan Sircom, The Abso!ute Sound commenting on the pairing of the 2110 Preamplifier and 2160 Stereo Power Amplifier

2120 Digital-to-Analog Converter & Streamer – £79,500

The reference-level Boulder 2120 brings you even more ways to receive and enjoy your favorite digital audio and video media. It can connect to streaming, server, or transport based audio in both PCM and DSD. The 2120 can decode MP3, FLAC, xFLAC, WAV, xWAV, ALAC (Apple Lossless), AIFF music files and more. It has become the source component that can play high-definition wireless streaming video to your AV system. And perhaps most importantly of all, the architecture is all modular to help prevent future obsolescence.

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2120 Front Straight New Graphics.png


2160 Stereo Amplifier – £80,500

Boulder’s award-winning 2160 stereo amplifier is one of the best amplifiers in the world, capable of driving any loudspeakers with enormous control and finesse.

Great products don’t just appear, they evolve, built on the technology and the style of what came before them. The 2160 is the stereo amplifier from Boulder that replaced the venerable 2060, a brilliant amplifier that earned awards world-wide across its entire production life. The electronics are updated and the look and feel have evolved with a new satin metal finish. Bias operation is Class-A to full rated output power and managed with an analog circuit that minimizes heat and power consumption.

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2160 Front.jpg

2150 Mono Power Amplifier – £150,000 (Pair)

The Boulder 2150 is the most powerful of all the Boulder amplifiers.  If you know anything about electronics and manufacturing, and get the chance to remove the tops of these amps, you will also see that they are superbly built and that the circuit topology is remarkable straight-forward and beautifully laid out. The 2150s are nominally rated at 1000 watts per channel into 8, 4, and 2 ohms and a 135dB signal-to-noise ratio). They are also completely silent with no fan noise, vibration or any indicator they are working other than the music and a discrete LED pilot light.

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““Yet the Boulder 2150 monoblock isn’t just any high-power amplifier: This 220-lb beast delivers 1000W into 8 ohms, and every one of those watts is claimed to be pure class-A  …”

In a word … extraordinary.

— Stereophile’s Products of 2017 Amplification Component Of The Year


3010 Preamplifier – £165,000

The Boulder 3010 Preamplifier has become synonymous with the ultimate in sound quality; a level of performance reserved for only the finest audio systems in the world. In the 3010 Boulder’s engineers have achieved something monumental. The 3010 is easily the greatest performing and flexible preamplifier in the history of the company.

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3060 Stereo Power Amplifier – £165,000

The Boulder 3060 Stereo Power Amplifier is an immensely powerful amplifier. This means it will control every movement of your loudspeakers so as to reproduce exactly what was encoded in the recording. From the largest explosive crescendo to the tiniest, wispiest detail. And everything in between. If the sound was captured on the microphone it will come out of your loudspeakers in the exact same way, unaltered and unchanged. But power alone is not the goal. No other stereo amplifier will provide you with the same emotional experience, the same immersion, the same thrill.

It delivers 900W per channel power output into any loudspeaker load. The 3060 is heavy and the casework is cut from huge pieces of aluminium. It has five transformers. It has 120 output devices. It has 48 output filter capacitors. It has all of the things you would expect from Boulder’s largest stereo amplifier and more. Because no other amplifier is a 3060 – it really is a superb amplifier.

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3050 Mono Power Amplifier – £310,000 (Pair)

The Boulder 3050 Mono Amplifier, the flagship, is their most powerful, largest, and most luxurious product in over 35 years of sound system design.

Undoubtedly, Boulder’s biggest, most powerful, and highest performing amplifier, each is built to order for its new owner. 1,500 watt power output into any load means absolute clarity and control of loudspeakers. Every 3050 contains two of Boulder’s highest performing gain stages, the 99H, available only in 3000 Series products. Full Class-A biasing to maximum output, is managed with an analogue circuit that reduces bias current whenever possible to increase efficiency and reduce heat.

Condition: New

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm