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Luxman L-505uX Integrated Amplifier

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Manufacturers warranty until April 2020

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The history of the LUXMAN audio brand began in 1925, at the birth of radio broadcasting. LUXMAN has paid particular attention to the world of audio and has gained high reputation as a quality brand of high-end audio products both domestically and internationally.
People tend to open their mind to natural things and react negatively to the unnatural. Natural sound, without coloration, develops an intimacy between the music and the listener.
Naturally and purely reproduced music resonates with the listener’s imagination. LUXMAN reflects this effect in our product development. Music that features a performer’s true passion and which a recording engineer has worked on precisely benefits from the fine nuances in sound which LUXMAN aims to reproduce, conveying the sprit of the artist and the enthusiasm of the performance. We strive to bring to the listener the experience of unlimited, pure music.
Composers, performers and recording engineers have poured their true feelings into our favorite pieces of music. LUXMAN would be satisfied if the listener could experience those same passions through our products. LUXMAN has celebrated its 90th anniversary and hopes to discover new excitement through wonderful music and to continue to share that pleasure with everyone.

Brand: Luxman

Model Name/Number: L-505uX Integrated Amplifier

Price (RRP): £3790

Choice Hifi Price: £1990

Product Information:

Product Description

Luxman Audio L-505uX Specifications

Continuous effective output 100W + 100W/8Ω
140W + 140W/4Ω
Input 4 line systems
Phono 1 system (MM/MC switchable)
1 balanced line system
Sound recording input/output 2 line systems
Pre- output and main input 1 system, each
Speaker output A, B 2 systems
Amplifier version ODNF 2.2
Output constitution Bipolar parallel PP
Power transformer EI type 440VA
Damping factor 110
Harmonic Distortion
0.005% or less ( 8Ω at 1KHz)
0.03% or less (8Ω and 20Hz~20KHz)


Input sensitivity/impedance
PHONO (MM) : 2.5mV/47KΩ
PHONO (MC) : 0.3mV/100Ω
LINE : 180mV/42KΩ
BAL. LINE : 180mV/79KΩ


Output voltage TAPE: 180mV and PRE-OUT: 1V
Signal-to-Noise Ratio(IHF-A)
PHONO (MM) : Above 91dB
PHONO (MC) : Above 75dB
LINE : Above 105dB


Frequency characteristic
PHONO : 20Hz~20,000Hz (±0.5dB)
LINE : 20Hz~100KHz (+0dB ~ -3dB)


Front panel
: Volume and input selector, meter, power switch, monitor switch, [phono] MC switch, REC out switch,  speaker selector, stereo / mono mode selector, bass (±10dB @ 100Hz) & treble (±10dB @ 10kHz) tone controls, subsonic filter (9 Hz) and balance control, line straight switch (tone controls bypass), separate switch (splits the internal preamp from the amplifier) meter light and headphone jack, power on indicator and protection indicator


Rear panel
Balanced phase inverter, signal ground and line phase sensor, AC inlet.Remote Control



Electric power consumption 1.2W (stand-by),  82W (idle),   210W  (rated output)
Dimensions W x H x D 18.3” (467mm) 7” (179) 17.25” (437)
Weight 46.2 lbs.    (21kg)

Age: 30 months

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Silver

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Accessories? Yes

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Status: Second Hand

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