Townshend Audio Maximum Supertweeters

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Maximum Supertweeters heighten the sense of realism in music by extending the frequency response of conventional hi-fi speakers up to 90kHz. Although this is way above the theoretical limit of human hearing the presence of these frequencies creates a sense of naturalness and reveals detail right down into the bass

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In the same way that a sub-woofer extends the low end of your system, Maximum Supertweeters reveal a wealth of detail in the midband and treble. Most striking tough, is the amazing improvement in bass detail.

Maximum Supertweeters reproduce high and very high frequencies in the most coherent and realistic fashion, delivering a rich harmonic structure that dome tweeters simply cannot match.

Coherent high frequencies affect the brain both physiologically and psychologically,revealing the full potential of your favourite recordings.

Maximum Supertweeters enhance and define bass, mid and treble. They are the key to high resolution.

Brand: Townshend Audio

Model Name/Number: Maximum Supertweeter

Price (RRP): £1200

Choice Hifi Price: £990

Product Information:

Frequency Resp. Up to 90kHz. (See graph)
Amplifier power: Up to 400W, unclipped music
Rating to DIN IEC 268: 500w peak
Max sensitivity (2.8V @ 1m) 89dB
Nominal impedance: 11 ohm (min), rising to 20 ohm
Drive unit: Pure aluminium ribbon.W 5mm, L 25mm, T, 0.01mm Mass 0.003grammes Ultra powerful rare earth neodymium magnets
Crossover: First order
Level control: 1: 74dB 2: 79dB 3: 83dB 4: 85dB 5: 87dB 6: 89dB
Dimensions: Each W 50mm (2″), H 30mm (1.2″), D 100mm (4″) Shipping (pair)W 250mm (10″), H 50mm (2″), D 200mm (8″)
Weight: Each 0.5 Kg (1.1lb) Shipping (pair) 1.2Kg (2.6lb)
Cable: Banana or spade 1.5m

Age: 3 months

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

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