Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III H/O MC Cartridge

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For over three decades Sumiko have been designing and manufacturing some of the finest analogue components. While all Sumiko products are special, a few deserve mention as they have withstood the test of time and are now considered true classics.


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Quality is the most important ingredient in any Sumiko product. Even Sumiko’s more affordable products benefit from the same relentless standards of quality, individually handcrafted in Japan by specialists, who have fine tuned their skills over decades.
Today, the Sumiko name has come to have special meaning for those who use our products.

Brand: Sumiko

Model Name/Number: Blue Point Special EVO III

Price (RRP): £599.95

Product Information:

The evolution of the ever-popular Blue Point Special, the EVO III raises the performance bar even higher at this highly competitive price point. Its tonal balance is remarkably smooth, exhibiting a fundamental richness and overall warmth without sacrificing musical detail and resolution. Sound stage focus and channel separation are exemplary, as is the cartridges’ ability to maintain a coherent consistency that reproduces music as a perceptual whole.

Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III High Output Moving Coil Cartridge £445



Cartridge Type:
Frequency Response:
Output Voltage/Channel:
Channel Separation:
Channel Balance:
12×10-6 cm/dyne
Stylus Size/Shape:
Load Impedance:
47k Ohms
Tracking Force Range:
1.7-2.1 grams
Recommended Force:
2.0 grams
Cartridge Weight:
8.3 grams

Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm