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Introducing the first ULTRA PERFORMANCE NON-ACTIVE Synergistic Research interconnects and speaker cables.
The Atmosphere Series consists of Level 1 through Level 4 interconnects and speaker cables offering progressively higher performance and additional features as you move up the line.

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Atmosphere Series cables deliver music on a massive scale with the same ultra black backgrounds Synergistic Research Active Shielded Cables are famous for. In fact Atmosphere Series cables are among the most holographic and highest resolution interconnects and speaker cables we’ve ever produced and are only surpassed by our Reference Galileo LE interconnects and speaker cables. And thanks to reduced build times and cutting edge Synergistic Research technology, Atmosphere Series Cables deliver state-of-the-art performance at price points other cables cannot match. In fact Atmosphere Series Level 4 can outperform even the most expensive flagship models from our competitors. This is no idle boast with superior performance that can be easily verified with an in-home audition. With advanced SR technology Atmosphere Series cables set a new benchmark for absolute performance AND value.

Brand: Synergistic Research

Model Name/Number: Atmosphere UEF Level 1-4

Price (RRP): £See below

Product Information:

Level 3 and Level 4 Atmosphere ICs and SCs come standard with our newly developed Ground Plane Tuning Modules that allow you to voice your cables to match your system and musical preferences. (See images below)

Atmosphere Level 3 come standard with the RED Tuning module. Atmosphere Level 4 come equipped with both the RED and BLUE Ground Plane Tuning Modules.

Levels 2 through 4 have UEF Shield Grounding to improve the performance of Atmosphere Series cables by connecting their shields and noise direct to ground and NOT your components power-supplies or speaker crossovers. This feature alone makes Atmosphere Series cables super quiet.

Atmosphere Series Speaker Cables

Atmosphere UEF Level 1 MSRP (4-6ft: £805.50); (8ft: £895.00); (10ft: £1,075.00); (Add ft: £90.00); (IFT Bi-Wire: £200.00)

Atmosphere UEF Level 2 MSRP (4-6ft: £1,165.50); (8ft: £1,295.00); (10ft: £1,555.00); (Add ft: £130.00); (IFT Bi-Wire: £200.00)

Atmosphere UEF Level 3 MSRP (4-6ft: £3,150.00); (8ft: £3,500.00); (10ft: £4,200.00); (Add ft: £350.00); (IFT Bi-Wire: £200.00)

Atmosphere UEF Level 4 MSRP (4-6ft: £4,495.50); (8ft: £4,995.00); (10ft: £5,995.00); (Add ft: £500.00); (IFT Bi-Wire: £200.00)

IFT Jumpers MSRP £200 (Set of 4)
Atmosphere Series Interconnects

Atmosphere UEF Level 1 RCA MSRP (1m: £695.00); (2m: £895.00); (3m: £1,095.00); (Add 1/2m: £100.00)
                                                   XLR MSRP (1m: £895.00); (2m: £1,145.00); (3m: £1,395.00); (Add 1/2m: £125.00)

Atmosphere UEF Level 2 RCA MSRP (1m: £995.00); (2m: £1,395.00); (3m: £1,795.00); (Add 1/2m: £300.00)
                                                    XLR MSRP (1m: £1,295.00); (2m: £1,945.00); (3m: £2,5995.00); (Add 1/2m: £325.00)
Atmosphere UEF Level 3 RCA MSRP (1m: £1,495.00); (2m: £1,995.00); (3m: £2,495.00); (Add 1/2m: £250.00)
                                                    XLR MSRP (1m: £1,895.00); (2m: £2,845.00); (3m: £3,795.00); (Add 1/2m: £475.00)
Atmosphere UEF Level 4 RCA MSRP (1m: £2,495.00); (2m: £3,195.00); (3m: £3,895.00); (Add 1/2m: £350.00)
                                                   XLR MSRP (1m: £3,095.00); (2m: £4,345.00); (3m: £5,595.00); (Add 1/2m: £625.00)
Synergistic Research XLR Optional MSRP £350.00 (Set of 4)
SR Grounding Blocks
The SR Grounding Block was engineered to improve ground performance on our new Atmosphere Series interconnects and speaker cables, as well as all SR products with external ground plane connections like Tranquility Base isolation platforms, FEQ and Atmosphere wave generators.
Grounding Blocks
Include (4) 4ft & (2) 8ft standard leads for Atmosphere Series Cables MSRP £595.00 each
Standard Grounding Block Leads
Available in 2mm (mini BFA) or 4mm BFA (for Atmosphere, Tranqs, etc) MSRP (4ft: £15.00); (8ft: £25.00)
HD Grounding Cables
Available in Mini Male, RCA, Banana, Spade, XLR, 2.1 DC, USB & Ethernet MSRP (1.25m: £395.00)
HD Grounding Wall Cable
Regular BFA to Wall (US or Schuko) MSRP (3m: £495.00)
HD Grounding Cable Extensions
Mini Female to Mini Male MSRP (0.5 or 1.0m: £250.00); (2m: £295); (3 & 4m: £395.00)
Basic Grounding Cable
Available in Mini Male, RCA, Banana, Spade, XLR, 2.1DC, USB & Ethernet MSRP (4ft: £99.95); (Add ft £10.00)
UEF: Uniform Ground Cable Technology
HFT Set Room Tuning Devices MSRP (Set of 5: £299.95); (Set of 10: £499)
ECT SetInside Electronics MSRP (Set of 5: £295.00)
HFT 2.0  Warm and Liquid Balance MSRP (Set of 5: £295.00)
HFT X Ultra Detailed MSRP (Set of 5: £295.00)
PHT Set of 2 Phono Element Tuning MSRP (Set of : £195.00)
FEQ / 230V Schuko Frequency Equaliser MSRP  £995.00 each
XOT Carbon Crossover Transducer MSRP £995.00 each
HT Carbon Headphone Transducer MSRP £345.00 each
XOT Carbon Crossover Transducer MSRP £995.00 each
Atmosphere- Mini MSRP £2495 each
Atmosphere XL- Includes ATL Module Mini MSRP £3495 each
ATM Module- AtmosphereTuning ModuleMSRP £495.00 each
Black Box MSRP £1995.00 each

Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Length: See pricing

Termination: As required

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm