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Love every song. Vertere Cables get the best from your system.

Vertere Cables unleash a life-like musical performance from your hi-fi. Sit back, relax, and feel the impact of real musicians in the comfort of your home.

Key to this is preserving all the dynamics, harmonic structure and detail of the music, throughout the system. All too often, it is the connecting cables that corrupt the delicate audio signal. Vertere has fundamentally addressed this issue with its unique conductor design and internal cable architecture.

Product Information:

Pulse-HB | Hand-built Speaker Cable

Experience the closest to a live musical performance at home with Vertere’s absolute reference Pulse-HB Hand-built Speaker Cable.

Pulse-HB speaker cable follows the same unique design doctrines and manufacturing precision that is applied to the HB range of interconnect cables. The internal conductors however, are configured to operate at much higher voltages and currents but with the same precision.

Innovative conductor design and signal shielding plus unique mechanically and electrically isolated construction of the Pulse-HB speaker cable provides absolute reference connection between the amplifier and loudspeaker.

Designed with both amplifier output and loudspeaker input requirements in mind, Pulse-HB loudspeaker cable ensures that even the most demanding loudspeakers are in full control of the partnering amplifier. At all times, even during the most complex and yet delicate music passages, almost live performance levels of dynamics, detail and clarity with unparalleled pace and space are unleashed.

The sheer joy and insight into the music when using the Pulse-HB loudspeaker cable is truly extraordinary.

Every Pulse-HB Speaker Cable is fully contact impedance checked against master data, logged and serial numbered. Finally every pair is listened to in our reference monitoring system to ensure perfect matched performance against our reference Pulse-HB speaker cable.

Pulse-HB Speaker Cable is terminated with Vertere HB Reference 4mm Banana or Spade connectors. HB Reference connectors utilise special copper alloy contacts precision machined and 23.95ct hard gold plated to 5 microns.


Pulse-HB | Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable

Preserve the signal from source to amplifier with complete integrity, Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is Vertere’s absolute reference.

For all stereo interconnect applications, both Line Level and Pre Out, Vertere Pulse-HB Hand-built Analogue Interconnect Cable is the absolute reference connection. Internally, the conductors are configured and optimised differently to the tonearm cable to provide unrestricted dynamics while preserving the intricate low-level detail. The constant noise floor of line level, or varying noise floor of pre out, is kept so low in the background that the result is an unequivocally life-like musical experience.

The internal signal conductors preserve even the most intricate harmonic structure of the music as well as the most dynamic signals all occurring simultaneously.

Pulse HB combines real, instantaneous dynamics with total clarity at all volume levels and settings. This level of detail, accuracy, control and dynamics, elevates the experience of listening to music to a live performance standard. Pulse-HB is truly exceptional and without peer.

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