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VPI TNT mkV-HR /JMW12.5/ SDS Controller

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The VPI TNT V-HR/JMW 12.5 combination represents another step forward in the continuing refinement of Harry Weisfeld’s TNT series. As with most of his updates, these changes probably wouldn’t have occurred to me, but they made perfect sense once I’d seen them. And, like most of the TNT’s evolutions, the V-HR changes resulted in slight but noticeable, and musically significant, improvements on the previous version.

I heartily recommend the TNT series and the JMW Memorial tonearm—and particularly this HR/12.5 combination—to anyone in the market for a turntable. It’s thoughtfully designed, beautifully built, simple and intuitive to set up and use—and, quite likely, one of the premier record-playing systems on the market today. The price is competitive within the cadre of topflight analog rigs now available.

Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/vpi-tnt-v-hr-turntable-jmw-125-tonearm-page-3#rtbWUKsmOtsSpwv0.99

Brand: VPI

Model Name/Number: TNT mkV-HR

Price (RRP): £9000

Choice Hifi Price: £3990

Product Information:

Integrated manual, belt-drive turntable-tonearm combination.
Comprising: TNT V-HR, including JMW 12.5 tonearm, Optional SDS motor/speed controller.

Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/vpi-tnt-v-hr-turntable-jmw-125-tonearm-specifications#IvSXbkK3Q5HWV3W7.99

Age: 16 Years

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black/ Silver

Packaging? No

Accessories? No

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

Dimensions 5708473 cm