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YBA CD1 Delta Dual Power Supply (3 Box)

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Pictures to follow. original blue diode/ laser. Just serviced.

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The most fascinating element of the player’s design is the blue LED that rides outboard of the dual-rail linear-tracking three-beam laser read assembly. Most Stereophile readers are digitally up to date and aware of today’s requirement to dither down (or noise-shape) from the typical 20+ bits of the master tape to the 16 bits of current commercial media. In a similar process, YBA treats the data to a massage of sorts as it is read—a form of pre-dithering, if you will. The additional LED bathes the underside of the CD in an eerie blue light while the red read laser does its thing.

According to Yves-Bernard: “It’s been observed that the phenomenon of stochastic resonance allows random noise to amplify signals of small amplitude. This paradox, used in biology, astronomy, and physics, can also be applied to opto-electronics. It provides a quality of sound similar to analog and produces a level of information never achieved before. The blue laser diode actually permits better extraction of information from the digital medium with less reliance on the error-correction algorithms.”

Brand: YBA

Model Name/Number: CD1 Delta 3 box

Price (RRP): £5500

Choice Hifi Price: £2500

Product Information:

Description: integrated three-box player with 2 separate power supplies, blue LEDs, belt-drive laser-diode pickup and transport mechanism, and nonmagnetic case (aluminum and polished stainless steel). Dual 18-bit converters. Analog outputs: one pair single-ended RCA. Digital outputs: TosLink and S/PDIF on RCA coax. Frequency range: 2Hz–19kHz (analog bandwidth >400kHz). Harmonic distortion: ,0.07% at 1kHz. Maximum output voltage: 500mV. Output impedance: <20 ohms. Power consumption: 20W.
Dimensions: 17″ (430mm) W by 3.75″ (95mm) H by 13″ (330mm) D. Weight (with power supply): approximately 16kg (35 lbs).

Age: 14

Condition: 9/10

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

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Status: Second Hand

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