For over three decades Sumiko have been designing and manufacturing some of the finest analogue components. While all Sumiko products are special, a few deserve mention as they have withstood the test of time and are now considered true classics.

The MDC-800, better know as ' The Arm ' was a precision device, hand built by a master machinist to impossible tolerances. Today, they sell for more than their price when new, though they appear on the market only rarely. The Virtuoso DTi was the first great cartridge to partner extraordinary technical and musical performance with high output.

Quality is the most important ingredient in any Sumiko product. Even Sumiko's more affordable products benefit from the same relentless standards of quality, individually handcrafted in Japan by specialists, who have fine tuned their skills over decades.

Today, the Sumiko name has come to have special meaning for those who use our products.