Melco D100 USB Optical Drive

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Optimised for music import and CD replay


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Melco D100 USB Optical Disc Drive


The Melco D100 embeds the most recent generation of Japanese optical drive which reads CD and Optical Discs with the greatest precision. A MELCO branded circuit board is optimised from an audiophile point of view to promise the highest quality transport and ripping of a CD into your Melco N1 unit. The D100 case is designed with the same concept as the most recent MELCO music library products.

A Beautifully designed thick aluminum case is half the size of an N1A and features a 2mm thick under chassis to support the whole case with great rigidity.


  • MELCO’s Highly Stable Storage System holds whole drive mechanism with their dedicated technology.
  • Dedicated PCB holds capacitors for power supply and quality clock generator for better signal transmission.
  • USB type B port for N1 or PC to read the disc data.
  • USB type A port is for USB-DAC playback with N1 USB Local playback function.

Brand: Melco

Model Name/Number: D100

Price (RRP): £1099

Product Information:

Optimised for music import and CD repla


  • Model: D100-B
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 3.5 kg (7.7 lb)
  • Size (W,H,L): 215 x 61 x 269 mm (8.46 x 2.40 x 10.59 in)
  • Support Optical Disc: CD (CD-DA disc read only, DVD / BD (DVD / BD data disc read only)
  • USB ports: USB 3.0 Type A x 1 “TO DEVICE”, USB 3.0 Type B x 1 “TO HOST”
  • Power supply: DV 12 v (48W AC adapter)
  • Compatible Equipment: DELA N1 series, Windows 10 (tested with x86 base, Fall Creators Update model), Mac OS (tested with High Sierra)10


Condition: New

Voltage: 220/240/50Hz

Finish/Colour: Black or Silver

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

Dimensions 5708473 cm