B.M.C. Audio DAC1/PreHR

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The B.M.C. Audio DAC1Pre/HR is a DAC utilising all the advanced proprietary BMC technologies including DIGM, CI, LEF and SUPERLINK.

Super short signal path for the use with DIGM amplifiers.

A component truly at the heart of any modern HiFi System

D to A Converter with with Pre Amp module
3 Analogue inputs (XLR + 2 RCA)
4 Digital inputs
High Res USB Input & SUPERLINK (Proprietary to other BMC products)



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The B.M.C. Audio DAC1Pre/HR is a DAC utilising all the advanced proprietary BMC technologies including DIGM, CI, LEF and SUPERLINK.

By having the “Master‐Clock” inside the Digital to Analogue converter SUPERLINK transmits the “Master Clock”, “Bit Clock”, “Left‐Right Clock” as well as the audio data direct from the transport. This avoids the need to decode and recode the data in the normal way and thus eliminates the degradation that usually occurs and maintains the highest possible level of signal purity.

With the DAC1’s DIGM (Discrete Intelligent Gain Management)‐control feature it is possible to adjust the volume, loss-lessly by changing the power amplifier’s gain using the DAC1’s volume control via a very short signal path. For high end audio systems with digital sources exclusively the DAC1 handles all preamplifier functions.

A key to the exceptional sound quality is the global‐feedback‐free analogue section. With its CI (Current Injection) input the DAC‐chip receives the optimum interface. The extremely fast circuit is insensitive to digital noise, preserving all musical information.

The LEF output driver delivers a stable output signal, with no sound degrading global feedback loop. LEF (Load Effect Free) is a balanced, cascoded, single‐ended‐class‐A circuit with a separate delivery of signal voltage and signal current.

A preamplifier module, supplied as standard in the UK, features 2 RCA and 1 balanced XLR analogue and 4 digital inputs as well as balanced XLR & RCA outputs for connecting to power amplifiers, active speakers or subwoofer.


Brand: B.M.C. Audio GmbH

Model Name/Number: DAC1 Pre HR

Price (RRP): £4190

Product Information:

Frequency Response 20Hz- 20KHz DF Flat +0/-0.25dB
Frequency Response 20Hz- 20KHz DF Pulse +0/- 1.75dB
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Output Voltage (RMS) at 0 dBFS, XLR 4Vrms
0dBFS 0.006%
-6dBRS 0.004%
-10dBRS 0.003%
-20dBRS 0.006%

0dBFS, +6dB 0.007%

0dBFS 0.013%
-6dBRS 0.008%
-20dBRS 0.007%

0dBFS 0.014%
-6dBRS 0.012%
-20dBRS 0.01%

THD+N, PreAmp
4Vrms 0.004%
2Vrms 0.0009%
1Vrms 0.0008%

OVS-L -110dB
UPS -109dB
Pre-Amp -130dB
Power Consumption 16-20W

Dimensions (Enclosure) (W x H x D) 435 x 78 x 320 mm
Dimensions (with knobs, feet connectors) (W x H x D) 435 x 91 x 350 mm
Weight 8.5 Kg

All specifications subject to change without notice.

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