B.M.C.'s many advances are making audiophile sound exciting again, leading to amplifiers being built in a completely new way. B.M.C. realized that if overall feedback worked as intended, all amplifiers would sound exactly the same. After considerable research, B.M.C's co-founder Carlos Candeias devised a brilliant solution for avoiding distortions at the source, and making a feedback loop obsolete. This revolutionary circuit was named Load-Effect Free (LEF), because the single-ended Class-A transistor that defines the sound was relieved of all duties other than providing perfect signal reproduction.

This enabled lossless volume control through our Discrete Intelligent Gain Management (DIGM), which offered two additional advantages: the input signal would not be needlessly attenuated, and the amplifier would only need to provide the actual required gain.

The last step was to build the balanced Current Injection (CI) input. In typical circuits, the input signal modulates current flow and creates a copy of the original. B.M.C. power amplifiers lead with the input current, using the Current Injection input, until it generates the speaker output voltage. A crucial step in reproducing a truly musical experience.

A giant power supply with a 2kW toroidal transformer, an army of Balanced Current capacitors, and electronic stabilization provide the foundation for a rock-solid energy supply and noiseless background.

The result is an amplifier whose presence recedes behind the music so listeners can hear the true power of their music as well as all the fine details. Quietness combines with a powerful dynamic vitality, richness of detail combines with warmth.

The amplifier's only sonic footprint is the purity of the music itself.