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Crystal Cable Arabesque Glass Master

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Crystal Cable’s first venture into designing and developing loudspeakers used the same philosophy as its cables’ design; the highest possible technical standards combined with beautiful design.

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When our technicians started developing the first CRYSTAL CABLE ARABESQUE loudspeaker, they used computer simulation techniques they knew from their work designing special cables for the aeronautical and medical industries. They literally used rocket science and discovered a special shape to be optimal for loudspeaker cabinets. They were struck by the fact that it was a classic shape found in many artistic outings of old cultures from China through the Middle East to Europe. These cultures based it on even an older source: nature. Using the most advanced Comsol® physical modelling program brought us back to nature.

Brand: Crystal Cable

Model Name/Number: Arabesque Galss Master

Price (RRP): £85000

Choice Hifi Price: £59900

Product Information:

Technical Specifications

Description: 2 way hybrid floorstanding speaker

Enclosure type Comma shaped, slot vent

HF drive unit: 140mm RAAL ribbon

MF/LF drive unit:

3 x180mm ScanSpeak illuminator laminated paper

Power handling:

20 – 315W RMS

THD: <0.5%

Sensitivity: 95dB

Impedance: 4 ohms nominal

Frequency response: 27Hz – 100KHz


490mm(w)x 570mm(d) x 1305mm(h)Weight: 103kg each


Age: 1 Year

Condition: 10/10

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Clear Glass

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? N/A

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Status: X-Demo

Dimensions 5708473 cm