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All cables connected to a HiFi System act as transmitting/receiving antennas. Also the length of the cable directly affects its ability to either reject or absorb really high frequencies. Multiple boundaries present in connectors; materials and their mass significantly impede and impair a “straight signal path”

Therefore adapting the connectors according to the design of the cable as well as paying close attention to cable lengths is crucial to obtaining optimum result.
Entreq manufacture their own proprietary contacts built upon a wooden framework. (A material that is completely non-magnetic and non-conductive and which does not affect the signal)
For the contact surfaces themselves, we use pure silver/cooper, where silver is used for positive and copper for negative.
All Entreq signal & loudspeaker cables feature, EEDS (External Earth Drain System).


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Introducing the all new cable ranges from Entreq: Primer, Argo, Triton & Olympus.


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To achieve the optimal performance from both RCA & XLR signal cable’s they require a ground cable for L & R channels, as well as a ground box solution to connect to. The appropriate ground cables & ground box should be chosen as carefully as the interconnects themselves. Careful matching will optimize the level of performance for each individual system.


Brand: Entreq

Model Name/Number: Primer, Argo, Triton & Olympus

Product Information:

Primer Range.

Considered the entry level to Entreqs range of Signal cables however there is nothing entry level regards the performance. Primer Pro cables incorporate almost all the aspects of Entreqs knowledge and experience found in their far more expensive ranges of products. They therefore offer a musical flow, engagement and involvement that most products at many times the price simply cannot match. If natural tone, musicality and incredible value for money is what you are after then the Primer products are for you! page3image32496000 page3image32495424 page3image32495616

Primer Digital Interconnects

DIGITAL CABLES – RJ45 cables offered, at additional cost, with optional pair QSA Org/Blue Lan Jitter £150

Primer Hexa

RJ45 Network cable 1.1m £260  All new construction                                                                                                                   Additional lengths: 0.55m £20

Primer Pro

SPDIF, AES/XLR, RJ45, USB and BNC/Clock 1.1m £440page3image32445120 page3image32445312 page3image32445504page3image32446464Additional lengths: 0.55m £40 page3image32447808 page3image32448000 page3image32448192

Primer Infinity

SPDIF, AES/XLR, RJ45, USB and BNC/Clock 1.1m £640page3image32448576 page3image32448768 page3image32448960 page3image32449152Additional lengths: 0.55m £60

page3image32450304 page3image32453568 page3image32453760 page3image32453952

Analogue Interconnects

Primer Hexa

Single ended RCA Interconnect 1.1m                                     £380

Fully balanced construction XLR Interconnect 1.1m          £480                                                                                            Additional length 0.55m XLR or RCA £40

Primer Pro

Single ended RCA and XLR Balanced interconnects 1.1m £900page3image32456896 page3image32457088 page3image32457472                                                             Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £90

Primer Infinity page3image32459584 page3image32459776 page3image32459968

Single ended RCA and XLR Balanced interconnects 1.1m £1,200page3image32460544 page3image32460736                                                         Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £120


Primer Speaker Cables page3image32468416

Primer Hexa

Terminated Spades as standard 4mm Plugs on request 2.2m Pair    £480                                                                                 Additional stereo 1.1m £80

Primer Pro

Terminated spades as standard, 4mm plugs on request – 2.5m pair £1,100page3image32468800 page3image32468992                                            Additional lengths: stereo 0.6m £110

page3image32470528Primer Infinity page3image32471680 page3image32471872 page3image32472064

Terminated spades as standard, 4mm plugs on request – 2.5m pair £1,600page3image32472640 page3image32472832                                           Additional lengths: stereo 0.6m £160

Bi-Wire Links page3image32280896 page3image32281088 page3image32281280

Terminated 4mm plugs to Spades as standard – Bi wire links £280


Agro Range

All Argo products are supplied with a Silver Minimus and incorporate 0.7m ground cables

DIGITAL CABLES: All Incorporate a 0.7m EEDS cable and a Silver MinimUs within the price

Argo Digital Interconnects

SPDIF, AES/XLR, RJ45, USB and BNC/Clock 1.1m £1500                                                                                                             Additional lengths: 0.55m £180

Argo Analogue Interconnects

All Incorporate 0.7m EEDS cables and a Silver MinimUs within the price

Single ended RCA and XLR Balanced interconnects 1.1m £2600                                                                                                  Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £900

Argo Speaker Cables

Spades are standard, 4mm plugs on request – 2.2m pair £3600                                                                                                    Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £900


Triton Range

All Triton products are supplied with an OlympUs Ten T and incorporate 0.7m ground cables except Power

Triton Digital CableAll Incorporate a 0.7m EEDS cable and an OlympUs Ten T within the price

SPDIF, AES/XLR, RJ45, USB and BNC 1.1m – includes Tungsten £3800                                                                                     Additional lengths 0.55m £280

Triton Analogue InterconnectsAll Incorporate 0.7m EEDS cable and an OlympUs Ten T within the price

RCA and XLR Balanced interconnects 1.1m – includes Tungsten £4800                                                                                     Additional Lengths Stereo 0.55m £1400

Triton Speaker Cables All Incorporate 0.7m EEDS cable and an OlympUs Ten T within the price

Spades are standard, 4mm plugs on request – 2.2m pair £7200                                                                                                  Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £2000

Triton Links: Terminated 4mm plugs to Spades as standard – Bi wire links £2000


Olympus Range

Please note that the OlympUs range of cables all come with captive EEDS ground cables which are 0.27m long and terminated in a an Entreq Infinity Hook. This length of EEDS ground cable is the optimal for the performance for the flagship range however it can be extended by the inclusion of a Himple adaptor and a longer EEDS Ertha cable ( please see the Himple and the selection on Ertha cables on page 1 of the price list). The OlympUs cables are built to order and generally afford a 4-6 week delivery time.

Olympus Digital Cables All new technology, construction and material applied to these stunning cables

SPDIF, AES/XLR, RJ45, USB and BNC 1.1m –£4600                                                                                     Additional lengths 0.55m £800

Olympus Analogue Interconnects

RCA and XLR Balanced interconnects 1.1m – £12500                                                                                Additional Lengths Stereo 0.55m £3000

Olympus Speaker Cables

Spades are standard, 4mm plugs on request – 2.2m pair £21000                                                             Additional lengths: stereo 0.55m £5000

Bi-Wire Links Terminated 4mm plugs to Spades as standard £6800




VIBBEATER : Vibration & energy control, these products are placed on top of equipment & loudspeakers, Carefull positioning can garner very noticeable results, reducing the noise floor and having the ability to shift the entire tonal balance and presentation on a system. When used in partnership with Magma Feet the results can be particularly impressive.





XX APOLLO (pair)

7.5kg/ each –special bespoke energy absorbing mixture.



JUMBO (pair)

6.5kg/ each – for equipment above 40kg.



MIDI (pair)

3kg/ each – for equipment above 20kg.



ULTRA (each)

1kg/ each – for CD players, Pre amps etc .




MAGMA: Used for both the support, isolation and control of unwanted vibrational & electro-mechanical energies of the products that they are either placed under (like support feet), or physically on top of the products in question. Without question the most versatile and powerful support feet currently available.







Three different metals, Ceramic plate construction – 22mm tall each foot can handle up to 40kg. Work both against mechanical and Electro-mechanical energy and field effects.

£60 Each


Four different metals,Tungsten and Ceramic plate construction 22mm tall. As with the specifications of Magma Slim but with far wider Electro-mechanical properties.


£240 Each



Six different metals, Tungsten & Ceramic plate construction – 45mm tall with double the amount of Mechanical and Electr- mechanical properties. 3D properties to the sound are very obvious with a very low noise floor

£380 Each


Designed to dramatically reduce magnetic field effects, can be placed under or on top of equipment also directly connected to products with short cable supplied, terminated in 3.5 jack.


£400 Each


Ultimate for dampening equipment & speaker supports – with added Tungsten mixture. Sold in box of threes. Special order only




VICTORIA (box of 6)

Entreq’s unique wooden cable supports.



CABLE WRAPS : Control of stray energy fields & currents emanating either from cables themselves or for protecting the product itself. Experimenting with positioning is required to find the best placement to optimally cancel the noise & the field effects. Each cable and system is individual.







Improved Infinity/Tungsten version for all cables. Sold/price singly




Improved Infinity/Tungsten version for all cables. Sold/price singly





Condition: New

Voltage: N/A

Packaging? Yes

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: New

  1. Alain Abensur


    Choice HiFi- Background and Overview of Entreq Grounding and Cable Solutions

    Entreq takes a unique and comprehensive approach to cable design. Tackling the often-overlooked factors affecting cable and therefore equipment performance.

    The premise of their design philosophy is based on solving effects know to the Aerospace and other high tech industries but never before systematically applied to high-end audio cables.

    These are:
    1. Our equipment is being constantly bombarded by RF and EMI radiation.
    2. Modern homes and their electrical supplies are plagued by switching power supplies and heavy appliances.
    3. All cables act as sending and receiving antennas
    4. Connectors have to be adapted according to the signal being processed. The cable, signal/mass interface is crucial to accurate signal transmission.
    5. A current traveling in a wire creates a magnetic field.
    6. Careful attention has to be paid to ground planes. (In space of course there is no “earth” so an artificial ground has to be created)

    Entreq has uniquely designed and developed a whole system approach to tackle and address each of the above issues, by doing the following:

    1. Separate cable for positive and negative signals.
    2. Asymmetrical design.
    3. Positive and negative cables are spun clockwise and anticlockwise respectively.
    4. Adapted lengths to minimise the antenna effect.
    5. DIC Dedicated contacts so the area and the mass of the contacts correspond to
    the cable.
    6. Wood in the contact framework – Non-magnetic and non-conductive.
    7. Only pure copper and silver in the signal paths. No alloys.
    8. Drain wire instead of shielding in order to connect to a pure earth point (External Earth Drain System).
    9. Cotton covering instead of synthetic materials.
    10. EEDS External Earth Drain System.

    The result is that Entreq cables and grounding solutions maintain the integrity and purity of the audio signal, resulting in:
    1. Lower noise floor
    2. More detail
    3. Darker backgrounds
    4. Increased dynamic range
    5. Better soundstage
    6. A more natural tonal quality
    7. Loss of leading edge glare
    8. More and better defined bass

    Entreq solution can be applied either individually or as part of a complete system approach. The more you do the better the result.

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