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At Furutech, we use a number of specialist factories to make the various parts for our high-performance power connectors. These parts require equally specialized materials, hand selected by our Furutech design team—right down to the screws. Furutech engineers then assemble the connectors in our quality controlled factory where each individual part is inspected and checked according to precise Furutech Pure Transmission guidelines.

Furutech has developed exceptionally strong relationships with each of our trusted part suppliers, partners who must maintain the same extreme level of quality as our legendary design team. Only through these strict standards can we ensure that our power connectors are, in fact, the “ultimate” audiophile connectors.

No manufacturer goes to the expense and effort that Furutech does to develop and produce power connectors for the world’s most discerning listeners. There are no exceptions and there are no imitations—only Furutech materials and Furutech design can offer Furutech performance.

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Product Information:

Our most popular plugs and IEC connectors are listed below. Others available on request

FI-1363 UK plug – gold – straight or right-angle £88
FI-1363 UK plug – rhodium – straight or right-angle £108
FI-11 IEC – gold £44
FI-11 IEC – silver £50
FI-11 IEC – rhodium £63
FI-15 IEC – rhodium £44
FI-28 IEC – gold £75
FI-28 IEC – rhodium £98
FI-32 16A IEC – rhodium £143
FI-50 IEC – rhodium £218
FI-52 16A IEC – rhodium £240

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