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P A B (Pro Audio Bono) SE AVP

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Black finish & in mint condition. Dramatically improves performance/ isolation of Turntable, CD players and even Valve pre/ power amps.

Max weight 56Kg

Shelf size 55x 45cm

£700.00 £490.00

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Pro Audio Bono® (PAB) is a well-known Polish manufacturer of audiophile furniture, anti-vibration platforms and anti-vibration feet. Pro Audio Bono is located in Mysiadło − an urbanized village in Agglomeration of Warsaw.

We are a specialized company directed towards the individual customer. We manufacture short series of platforms, tables, stands and anti-vibration feet, we also make products on special orders of our clients. Everything is handmade. Our credo is: “We will fulfill any order of an effective anti-vibration device, using the technologies, design and manufacturing experience of PAB”.

We use mainly natural materials and its composites (natural wood, plywood, MDF and veneers, as well as metals, alloys and ceramic products). We use also plastics (mostly acrylic) and synthetic fibers. We use only construction materials, chemicals and mechanisms, that can be fully recycled. This is also valid for our packaging materials.

Furniture (tables and racks) and parts of anti-vibration products (platform shelves and sleeves, solid metal feet and bearing feet) are made in specialized carpenter’s and metal workshops to our proprietary specifications. The roll bearings, ceramic balls and axes mounted inside are coming from worldwide companies.

We devote a lot of attention to the well-design of our products. But their quality, functionality and reliability is paramount for us, even if it is sometimes achieved at the expense of the outside looks. Audiophiles know, that the most important is the high fidelity! 

Brand: PAB

Model Name/Number: SE AVP Large

Choice Hifi Price: £490

Product Information:

PAB SE AVP are exclusive anti-vibration platform, made from birch plywood, 1.5″ thick, or thin conifer plywood, glued with MDF. Those are designed for heavy equipment. Similar to the newest basic platforms the sleeves are placed in such a way, that full metal feet or bearing feet can be used. In contrast to the basic platforms, their tensioners are recessed in milled places in the plinth and covered with metal angles (in the newest version of those platforms the tensioners are inverted and mounted below the plinth, so that they do not need to be covered by the metal angles, which made it difficult to keep the platform clean, but have only small caps to cover the milled holes). We manufacture three kinds of SE platforms:

  • large − the shelf has 21.7 x 17.7″, while the plinth − 25.2 x 17.7″

Age: 2 Years

Condition: --

Voltage: N/A

Finish/Colour: Black

Packaging? No

Accessories? Yes

Item Location: In Stock

Status: Second Hand

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