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Townshend Audio employ a number of unique concepts when manufacturing the near perfect ideal cable. We pioneered Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment or EDCT for audio cables, a technique that is so effective it has been copied across the cable industry and beyond.

We have now gone a step further and developed Fractal-Wire™. This gives copper wire a characteristic of absolute silence and unbelievable purity. Initially, we incorporated Fractal-Wire™ into the signal connections and transformers of our components, but now we are also offering F1 Fractal-Wire™ interconnects.

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DCT 300 has been winning awards since 2002 for its open, uncoloured sound and world beating transparency. The secret is in the 99% air insulation. All insulation materials add distortion to the signal so we place bare thin copper strip conductors into thin walled PTFE tubing where only the edge of the strip is in contact with the insulator.

We use Enhanced™ Isolda Deep Cryogenic Treated (EDCT) copper because it consistently outperforms all other materials in terms of transparency and neutrality. Termination is by audiophile grade locking collet gold plated RCA phono plugs. DCT 300 balanced is fitted with Neutrik XLR connectors.

Fractal-Wire™ is Townshend Audio’s ultimate interconnect. It took a long time to improve the Isolda EDCT (Enhanced™ Deep Cryogenic Treatment), but we finally achieved it by developing the Fractal-Wire™ proprietary treatment process.

Suffice to say that you have not heard a truly transparent cable until you’ve heard Townshend Audio Fractal-Wire™.

Each Fractal-Wire™ Interconnect is made by hand because this is the only way to build a cable that has the absolute minimum contact with the insulator. The signal travels through a very thin polyester coated enamelled copper wire, which is spiralled around a much thicker bare copper ground. Because signal and return conductors are so tightly spaced external electric fields cannot get in. As a result, these cables completely stop hum in valve amplifier setups, whilst blocking radio frequency interference (RFI).

As the signal conductors only come into occasional contact with the inner of the two concentric PTFE tubes degradation due dielectric mass is kept at the barest minimum. The PTFE tubes are in turn placed inside a clear PVC outer.

Fractal-Wire™ is terminated in the industry best Neutrik Profi RCA phono plugs which have a spring loaded ground collar. The balanced version of Fractal-Wire™ incorporates two strands of the ultra-fine enamelled copper conductor spiralled together with a parallel drain wire but no shielding, it is terminated with Neutrik XLR plugs.

Townshend Audio DCT (Deep Cryogenically Threaded) Isolda Speaker cables have an enviable reputation as being the best cables you can buy. They are a natural and satisfying component for the discerning listener, neither adding or taking away anything to or from the sound, while never becoming fatiguing or irritating. They are just right! We even recommend the use of our Isolda speaker cables in un-equal lengths as the sound is virtually the same, regardless of length.

Townshend Isolda DCT Speaker Cable use very closely spaced insulated flat copper conductors in a polyester braid sheath. Unlike the majority of speaker cables this cable’s close spacing means it is virtually immune to RFI (radio frequency interference) and presents an impedance which closely matches that of the loudspeaker. The result is bass with a solidity and power that is truly seismic, accompanied with genuinely silent backgrounds and incredible 3D imaging.

Brand: Townshed Audio

Model Name/Number: Isolda/ DCT300/ Fractal wire

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DCT Isolda Speaker Cables ( per pair )

Up to 2m £765

2 to 2.5m £926

2.5 to 3m £1141

3 to 4m £1635

4 to 5m £2249

5 to 6m £2999

DCT 300 interconnects ( per pair )

Phono to phono

Up to 1m £537

1 to 1.5m £701

1.5 to 2m £842

2 to 3m £1070

3 to 4m £1403

4 to 5m £1783

XLR to XLR balanced

Up to 1m £606

1 to 1.5m £771

1.5 to 2m £911

2 to 3m £1139

3 to 4m £1472

4 to 5m £1852

F1 Fractal interconnects ( per pair )

Phono to phono

Up to 1m £925

1.5 to 2m £1266

2 to 3m £1649

3 to 4m £2046 

4 to 5m £2558

5 to 6m £3184

XLR to XLR balanced

Up to 1m £989

1 to 1.5m £1335

2 to 3m £1718

3 to 4m £2115

4 to 5m £2627

5 to 6m £3253

DCT Digital interconnect

Up to 1m £288

1 to 2m £403

2 to 3m £518

3 to 4m £633

4 to 5m £748

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