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Townshend Audio have developed a complete solution to fully isolate your whole Hi Fi System making it immune to both airborne vibrations from speakers and footfall from the floor.
The key component is the Townshend Seismic Load Cell™.

The Seismic Load Cell™ is a movement-sensitive, air-resistance damper that rapidly dissipates low frequency energy before it can adversly affect the performance of your equipment.

This unique solution blocks all deleterious vibration from 3Hz upwards and from all directions.

As each hi-fi component is isolated, the sound progressively improves.

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Seismic Isolation Pods

Eliminates structure-borne feedback between speaker and vibration sensitive equipment.

Enhances clarity throughout the whole frequency range.

Improves bass definition.

Produces a wider and deeper sound stage.

Neighbour friendly high level listening.

Seismic Vibration Isolation Platform

Ultra thin platform disappears under equipment

Enhances clarity across the frequency range

Delivers wider and deeper soundstages

Improves bass definition

Reduced muddiness and smear

Makes transients clearer

Seismic Isolation Podium

Designed as a range to accommodate any size and weight of speaker – standmount plus stand, floorstander or subwoofer – the Seismic Podium breaks the acoustic connection between the floor and the speaker, preventing the passage of deleterious vibrations both to and from the speaker cabinets. For a detailed explanation of why this is an absolute necessity before any speaker can perform to its true potential, read ‘Earthquakes on hi-fi’.

Floated on Seismic Isolation Podiums, speakers are freed from the ever-present seismic activity and room/floor interactions that seriously degrade sound quality. The result is simply magical, allowing listeners to hear into their favourite music in a way they were never able to previously. When under your speakers, they will give you immediate improvements in overall sound by preventing speaker generated vibration from entering the floor and sound from entering your speakers. By eliminating the resonance between the speaker-cabinet mass and the floor, the sound will be noticeably clearer, much more tuneful, controlled and natural. Bass boom is significantly reduced and there will be a far larger, much deeper and wider sound stage. The sound becomes natural and more enjoyable.

Brand: Townshend Audio

Model Name/Number: Seismic Pods/ Podium/ Platforms

Price (RRP): £See Below

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Seismic Pods
Load range
1kg/2lb to 8kg/17lb Color code RED / ORANGE / YELLOW £99 (Single)
8kg/17lb 64kg/140lb Color code GREEN / BLUE / SILVER £119 (Single)

Seismic Platform
Seismic Platform size 1 43x30cm (17×12″)
0.5kg/1lb to 28kg/62lb Color code RED / ORANGE / YELLOW £550
28kg/62lb 252kg/554lb Color code GREEN / BLUE / SILVER £630

Seismic Platform size 2 48x35cm (19×14″)
0.5kg/1lb to 27kg/59lb Color code RED / ORANGE / YELLOW £600
27kg/59lb 251kg/552lb Color code GREEN / BLUE / SILVER £680

Seismic Platform size 3 52x40cm (20.5×16″)
0.5kg/1lb to 23kg/50lb Color code RED / ORANGE / YELLOW £650
23kg/50lb 247kg/543lb Color code GREEN / BLUE / SILVER £730

Seismic Corners Type S/F

From 0.5Kg to 30Kg £999

From 64Kg to 512Kg £1099

Seismic Bars

Size 1 Adjustable

From 0.5Kg to 30Kg £999

From 30Kg to 512Kg £1099

Size 2 Adjustable

From 4Kg to 28Kg £1199

From 28Kg to 252Kg £1299

Seismic Podiums
Size 1 £1400
Size 2 £1700
Size 3 £2100
Size 4 £2600
Size 5 £3200

Size 6 £3400

Size 7 £3900
Specials from £2900


Piano Isolators £1800

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